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  1. Shortbowshot

    Late Muzzleloader Whitetail

    Myself and big brother caught a couple days off to head up to northern Missouri to hunt the late season. We have 4" snow and a sultry -3 temp tonight. A rare combination for us Arkies. Hopefully it'll put the deer on their feet. We just rolled in and have Monday and Tuesday to hunt...
  2. Shortbowshot

    Curious about Hammers. 7mm Rem Mag 1:9

    I've been reading a lot about Hammers. I'm just finishing a build on a 7mm. Shilen 1:9 barrel 24" Just curious your experience loading them. Good or bad. Seems like there's an assortment of different choices on the Website. I'm pretty bad to pick an elk bullet and hunt everything with it once...
  3. Shortbowshot

    Do we need more primitive hunts?

    It seems to me that if the states would embrace more primitive hunting methods that it would be a great way to move folks through the system. I'm talking really primitive longbow/ flintlock. It kinda burns me to go hunt with a 500 yd muzzleloader although given the opportunity I would do...
  4. Shortbowshot

    Utah, Beaver East early rifle elk.

    This is one of those tags you never expect to draw as a NR. One of those years when you already have a good tag so you shoot for the moon just to get your points. My brother drew the 1 early rifle NR tag at 7 points. We're pretty syked to get to hunt this tag but also understand a lot of folks...
  5. Shortbowshot

    New guy from AR.

    Hello folks, Long time reader. Enjoying the positive conversation. I'm a long time elk hunter from Arkansas. Mostly archery, all DIY. Addicted to high lonely places. And tag applications it seems. Hopefully can glean and possibly pass on a bit of knowledge.
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