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    Best bullet for 6.5 creedmoor

    I recommend getting a couple different boxes and seeing what you like better. You do spend a bit more money now but then you will have the ammo you love in the long run.
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    3 generation (sort of) WY antelope hunt 2021

    Hope you have a great time!
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    A quick question on FreshTracks+

    That is awesome! Thanks for letting us know.
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    Mistake or not???

    You know better than any of us. I hope you guys have a great time!
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    Elk meat still good?

    You should be good. If it doesn't have a bad smell.
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    Colorado Unit 64/65

    Roads will be tough so make sure you have 4x4 and chains.
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    Opening Day Blunder in MT

    It happens man, do not beat yourself up about it.
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    Gear question

    My feet run hot so I just use waterproof boots.
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    Outfitter Tent - Big Horn III

    I got one last year and I love mine!
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    You will man, just got work for it!
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    On going 2021 archery elk hunt

    Great Job guys, congrats!
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    Guided vs diy

    Taking a guided hunt will show you how successful hunters hunt in that area. I would recommend you taking a guided hunt this year then next year doing a diy.
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    2021 Wyoming and Idaho Elk Success

    Congrats man! Keep it up
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    Colorado OTC unit 22 & 211

    Backpack and get away from road access. That way you are not competing with day hunters.

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