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    20 MOA Rail. Max Range for scope, check my math

    Had a previous set up from 8 years ago and this all figured out then. Just upgrading. Have taken multiple deer past 500 with good shots really not that hard with the right equipment. Appreciate the input
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    20 MOA Rail. Max Range for scope, check my math

    I have a 300 WSM (browning x bolt) Just bought a SIG 6x24-50 scope. Ordered a 20MOA rail for it, I know it wont hurt, but thinking do I really need it. Also going to get the SIG custom turret. Scope will be zeroed at 100 yds, 1/4MOA at 100 yds on the scope Anyways here is my math...
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    Rangefinder Binoculars

    Anybody see the sigs in stores so you can look at them? I would love to get rid of the extra range finders. But I love my nikons and dont want to downgrade on glass. Other question is if the electronics die I would assume it doesnt affect the function of the glass. Based on price it kind of...
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    Football General Talk

    lol running joke thats what we all say
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    Football General Talk

    lions will be the team to beat next year
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    Wyoming Elk Trip

    off question wyoming or colorado for elk?
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    Tell me about wireless trail cams

    Does the cell deal eat batteries faster
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    Making the most of your budget

    Ive been getting on the sig sauer band wagon check their stuff out. at a minumum their range finders are second to none
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    New rifle suggestions

    Here is my two cents. if you want to hunt out west I would be looking for a 30 caliber or possibly a mag. I would also never hunting with a single shot, bolt action all the way. With that said a standard barrel should get you 10,000 rds but with lack of care and use could decrease that, so...
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    Making the most of your budget

    Whats your budget? I have used high end glass but convinced lessor glass gets you into the same dance. The only time I would spend big money on high end glass would be if it were my job or something that was all of the time. With that said I have Nikon Monarch 7s and I would put them against...
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    What do you do with your old bows?

    their just odd things to keep. Can create a wall mount and they easily sit in the corner. Sell or trade in or give it to a kid or grand kid
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    Deer rifles for young hunters

    243 under age 13-14.
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    Who here is a .308 Winchester hunter?

    I would trust my 308 anywhere. But I do use my 300 out west due to the fact we have never shot under 300 and routinely shoot in the 5-600 range. With said same grain of rounds the 308 drops around 14in at 300yds and 60in at 500yds, where as the 300 drops 8 at 300yds and 38in at 500 yds. So...
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    .300 Win Mag vs 6.5 Creedmoor

    the 6.5 is the hip thing. Its nice low recoil and shoots flat. But the 300 is going to hit harder at just about any range. The 300 also means very little if any compensation for drop until after 300 yards
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    Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x 50 V Brite

    There's the Vortex hype out there and its nice glass for the money at every level. Ive never owned it but buddies have and I have compared it at stores. The crossfire line is their base line and its nice but its not the best IMO. Nikons comparable line is better IMO. IDK check it out, there...
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    Is there a good scope you like for your shotgun with a cantilever slug barrel?

    4 power bushnell. Quality glass for whats only going to be 100-150yds
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    Men I Knew, Who Hunted Thier Entire Lives, With Just One Rifle.

    realistically it can be done with the right rifle and caliber. Also lets you get comfortable and accurate. With that said I have a lever gun for brush and close in, out west gun for range, normal around NY gun, and lastly a trash gun for weather/scenarios where I dont care if it gets broke...
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    Who here knows Remington 700s?

    I have one that had the infamous go off without pulling the trigger. Might want to look up that issue and get the new trigger for it.
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    Road hunters

    I have no problem with road hunting on old logging roads or using the truck for spot and stalk.
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    His property so I can see it. Check the state laws, some states have laws where if LE is involved you can go.

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