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  1. asdew1880

    Outdoor Opportunities

    I've got a chance to relocate with my current employer between three main geographies: Suburban Philadelphia, Gulf Coast of TX south of Houston, and the TRI cities area of MI. Job opportunities have different aspects but the outdoor opportunities vary greatly (I'm guessing). I love squirrel...
  2. asdew1880

    Max, My Mountain Feist Pup

    Just wanted to share how Max and I have been progressing. On Saturday Max and I went to the squirrel woods in Central kentucky on some public land. We got to the spot around 9:30 and there were five other trucks in the parking lot thankfully they were deer hunting. It was a cool 50° the high for...
  3. asdew1880

    AZ Couse Tactics

    Got drawn for a leftover Couse tag in AZ and I'm looking for critique of my plan, especially if you want to take out frustrations over life choices/covid19/shortcomings in life etc... AZGFD lists three mountain ranges to hunt and I've got them listed in terms of priority. I plan on driving...
  4. asdew1880

    AZ Leftover Tags

    I mailed in my leftover application, it arrived on Monday 7/20 @ 8AM. Did anyone else notice money taken out of their account for tags or tags being received in the mail? I'm wondering when I should know if I got a tag or not. Thanks!!!
  5. asdew1880

    FMC Fans?

    Bonus points to the first to identify the piece without using Google. Answer and full piece posted later. Thoughts? 7. ARGUMENT There is only one argument for doing something; the rest are arguments for doing nothing. The argument for doing something is that it is the right thing to do. But...
  6. asdew1880

    AK Sitka Blacktail

    I noticed for some reason airfare seems to be really cheap.......hmmm. Anyway, I've started dreaming up a sitka blacktail hunt in SE AK for this upcoming season. I am looking for any tips or input on the logistics side. I'm thinking fly in to Juneau, get to a VRBO cabin rental somehow (prince of...
  7. asdew1880

    Can I Climb It?

    Trying to get the most of my e-scouting and am wondering what the opinions are on "can I climb this?" (More like do you think you could climb it or is it possible to hike up on foot). Its about 1400 ft elevation gain over 1.3 miles of hiking. A little further down the road:
  8. asdew1880

    Snapping Turtle

    Can anyone comment on whether it is necessary to keep snapping turtles alive for a week or so before cooking? I've read that it makes the meat more palatable but don't know anyone who has done the actual taste test. It would be a big hassle for me to keep a turtle alive in my apartment for a...
  9. asdew1880

    3-5 day DIY deer hunting destinations

    Last year I made it a point to travel to a new state for a 5 day deer hunt in Nebraska and had an awesome time getting worn out on public land and camping from my truck. I decided to try and travel to a new spot for deer hunting every year and am looking to hear any input for cool places to...
  10. asdew1880

    7 rem mag brass

    Does anyone have reccomendations for a good brand of brass for my 7 rem mag?? I have been using my Lee loader (rubber mallet 😎) with fire formed factory cases and I'd like to get some new brass for fall hunting! Seems every brand on Midway has just enough bad reviews to make me Leary. I'll be...
  11. asdew1880

    Looking for Advice

    Looking for anyone willing to discuss past experiences hunting NW NE deer. I'm looking to narrow down about a dozen or so areas of interest. Looking for any whitetail meat buck, not picky. pm if you are willing to help. Thanks!
  12. asdew1880

    North Central KY Transplant

    Just joined the forum, mainly to look for hunting partners and advice on upcoming hunts; especially for the chance to talk to like minded public land hunters. I'm 29, grew up in southwest OH, relocated to Boston for 2 years and now am back in the Midwest and looking to start going on some major...

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