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  1. backcountry_sassn

    VIDEO: My Biggest Bobcat of the Season

    Caught two of my prettiest bobcats of the season. For those who don't know the fur market, Southern California once had the nicest cats in the world, but now that markets been closed. Nevada was a close 2nd with Southern Nevada being the better half. Our cats don't get as big as the Northern...
  2. backcountry_sassn

    VIDEO: 7 Bobcats in 1 day

    Finally got all the fur put up (took 7 hours), and the video edited. Hope you enjoy!
  3. backcountry_sassn

    VIDEO: 7 Cats in One Day

  4. backcountry_sassn

    7 Bobcats in 1 Night

    I posted this pic and the story with it in the predator section but wasn't sure how many people check that one out so I figured I would share the pic here. Check out the other forum page for the store and belly pics.
  5. backcountry_sassn

    7 Bobcats in 1 Night

    I am still on cloud nine. Last night I got checked by a warden at my first set, and he must have been one of santas helpers. The next trap had mature pretty tom. I only have out 30 sets, so I spent the rest of my daylight putting in 10 more sets. Then I started checking again. Next area...
  6. backcountry_sassn

    VIDEO: Why I'm Quitting Trapping

    Or at least this range......
  7. backcountry_sassn

    My 21/22 Nevada Trapping Journal (Updated 12/3/21)

    Episode #2, Youll have to check out the videos on my channel to see episode 1
  8. backcountry_sassn

    My 21/22 Video Trapping Journal

    This is the 1st video of my season. Hope you enjoy!
  9. backcountry_sassn

    Nevada Spike Elk Regulation

    So I was fortunate to draw a spike elk tag in a newly open spike hunt (unit 222-223). I’m not planning on shooting the biggest legal spike I can find, and I’ve been in this unit a lot and see lots of true spikes. But I want to see how everyone translates the regulations on the definition of a...
  10. backcountry_sassn

    VIDEO: Pulling Traps, Success in the Last Trap

    Well another season is over and time to prepare for the next one. Can't wait till November!
  11. backcountry_sassn

    VIDEO: Bobcat Double!!!!

    I normally get at least one multiple cat trap check every season, but with a week left, I didn't think it would happen this season. Better late than never!
  12. backcountry_sassn

    VIDEO: Bobcat Catch & Cook

    I've made meatballs once with bobcat but totally drowned out the meat in other stuff so this time I decided to give bobcat a real try. Had some buddies over. Watch to see what the verdict is on bobcat meat!
  13. backcountry_sassn

    VIDEO: Fianlly Caged a Bobcat!!!!

    This has been a goal of mine for awhile now. This last month I decided to get serious with the 2 cage traps I have and it finally happen!
  14. backcountry_sassn

    VIDEO: $$$$ Best Bobcat of the Season $$$$

    Brightest and best colored cat I've caught this season.
  15. backcountry_sassn

    VIDEO: My Biggest and Best Bobcat Every; Called in a Mountain Lion

    I had an epic night check. First I caught my biggest and best bellied cat ever, then did a coyote stand and called in a lion. Fun night!
  16. backcountry_sassn

    VIDEO: Awesome Bellied Bobcat in the Desert Snow

    Big Storm + Full Moon = Happy Cat Trappers
  17. backcountry_sassn

    Randy’s AZ Junior Bonus Point Stimulus Bill

    I just head on the Elk Talk podcast that Randy is offering to pay $10 for anyone who can’t afford $10 for youth bonus points. Add your kids up and send a bill. Just make sure to turn the podcast off right after you hear it so you don’t hear if it’s a joke or not or you may not receive your check!

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