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  1. neffa3

    Considering investing in a pair of gaiters, are they worth it?

    Anyone know of a white/snow camo quiet fabric but waterproof version?
  2. neffa3

    Pacific Flyway January

    I really like that spot, no idea where it us, but I like it. Very unique landscape/landform
  3. neffa3

    Which dog breed?

    You can run the risk of spreading the jam so thin you cannot taste it anymore.
  4. neffa3

    Montana FWP makes seismic shift in elk permits

    Eric, you've said a lot of thoughtful things on this topic. But those three comments are not any of them. There have been pages and pages of them. WTF kind of logic is that? Hold a gun to the head of sportsman so they talk about changes? They are certainly working better than what is being...
  5. neffa3

    Which dog breed?

    If you don't like labs, don't get a lab. I know I would never own one. But I do think they require WAY less time, energy, and training to achieve a basic level of competence over many of the other breed. My GSP is neurotic so I'm a little bias against her. I have been around some really good...
  6. neffa3

    Chukar solo trip

    I've been desperate from some bird action this year. For whatever reasons our local chukar population tanked this year. Truly terrible #s. I had completely been blanked on finding any birds on 4 of 7 trips, and only two of the those I found chukar, the last there was only one large covey of...
  7. neffa3

    Kids and hunting

    I just spent 2 days being me, and not Dad. It was nice, but I came home to an absolute SS. There may not be any shame, but there's damn sure some guilt.
  8. neffa3

    Maui things to do…

    We drove around both lobes of the island (to hell with the rental agreement). Take a sixer for after you get past the 7 sacred pools (not worth seeing). Honolua bay snorkeling Thai food in Hana, also red sand beach I really liked hiking out past LA Perouse Bay. Also the giant beach between...
  9. neffa3

    Maui things to do…

    Hot tip. Sunset. Way less people. Plus you can stay and star gaze
  10. neffa3

    Colorado ski partners wanted

    Cascade Corona = Rainier
  11. neffa3

    2022 Clearwater Steelhead

    If anyone wants to geek out a little the Wild Steelhead Coalition periodically puts out some great science: Then there's also this little tidbit of bad news from the MF Salmon River...
  12. neffa3

    2022 Clearwater Steelhead

    I don't think that's even debatable at this point. The entire Great Lakes population is orders of magnitude better off.
  13. neffa3

    Interesting...... Reviving this one as there's a new study out of Cornell.
  14. neffa3

    2022 Clearwater Steelhead

    yep. I fear my days of steelhead fishing may already be over.
  15. neffa3

    Friday tunes...from band to solo

    This may be cheating, still and Iron and Wine song, but just Sam.
  16. neffa3

    Friday tunes...from band to solo

    Formerly the Wallflowers
  17. neffa3

    Montana FWP makes seismic shift in elk permits

    Maybe, but I resist that idea that thousands of people need to all write a novel just to keep FWP from nuking the place. I think a blanket no, with a handful of yes's is appropriate.
  18. neffa3

    Cam Hanes and UA Split

    I like the look so those sweats...
  19. neffa3

    Montana FWP makes seismic shift in elk permits

    I just submitted my comments. I was unable to be as diplomatic as Mr. Lamb, Bigfin, or even the HHAA. But someone had to make their comments sound better, so I'll consider it a job well done.

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