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  1. MNJared

    Awesome hunters

    This is my grandfather in law… Papa Roger as my kids call him. At 81 years old he is still out there getting after it with that same childlike fire burning in his eyes. Here he is with his 2020 solo gobbler. He shot the bird less than a mile from his house in central MN. One can only hope to...
  2. MNJared

    New from Minnesota!

    Welcome to the club! I’m from Clearwater.
  3. MNJared

    Montana General season

    Thank you! Meat is the objective at this point. I’ll take what I can get my crosshairs on. I sure do approve the help!
  4. MNJared

    Montana General season

    I’m in the same boat. I hunted 10 days in western Montana. We got close to elk almost every day in 2 different locations but never punched a tag. My wife green lit me to go back out and try with a rifle. I’ve never hunted elk with a rifle before. I’m nervous about what I might find or what I...
  5. MNJared

    Montana elk general

    Email me and I’ll let you know a little bit about 319. I hunted there a few weeks ago and got into elk for a few days. I plan to go back rifle hunting in a month or so. I don’t have a super in depth knowledge on this area in particular but I’m willing to help however I can. [email protected]
  6. MNJared

    Montana HD 319

    I hunted this unit a few weeks ago and my buddy and I got into elk both days we hunted there. I plan to go back to the same area in early November to try my hand at rifle hunting. Which is something I’ve never done before for elk. I’m curious as to what kind of pressure I could encounter as well...
  7. MNJared

    Montana here

    I was just in that area this past week and it’s not pretty. It’s so extremely dry there I can’t imagine how they’re going to get it under control.
  8. MNJared

    Montana harvest surveying

    As a Minnesota resident I don’t understand why MT has not already adopted mandatory harvest reporting. There is now super streamlined systems to collect the data with about a 2 minute long automated phone call. What could possibly be more valuable than accurate data to base your management...
  9. MNJared

    Input from Cameron Hanes podcast with Jason Chaffetz

    Hey Randy, I just listened to a podcast that Cameron Hanes did with Jason Chaffetz on HR622. I'd be interested to hear the other side of the story from you, a rebuttal if you will. Despite all the negativity that I have heard involving Mr. Chaffetz some of his proposed ideas in HR622 seemed to...

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