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  1. Wyomingbackcountry

    Montana preference points

    Ok. So let's say I'm applying for a good archery elk area and don't draw with 3 will I maintain 3 till I draw or what happened a then
  2. Wyomingbackcountry

    Montana preference points

    So to get 3 plus points you must apply for a tag + buy a point to maintain/ gain more
  3. Wyomingbackcountry

    Deer - lets see em

    Some from the last few years
  4. Wyomingbackcountry

    Good memories

    Great story. That's awsome you get spend the time with your family. I take my 3 year old daughter scouting for deer and elk just about every night and she love to go trapping in the winter.
  5. Wyomingbackcountry

    Montana preference points

    I'm new to the Montana points system. When or how late can I buy points for elk.
  6. Wyomingbackcountry

    WY whitetail tactics

    What unit did you draw?
  7. Wyomingbackcountry

    WY whitetail tactics

    I grew up in Wisconsin as a kid and the rut was early November. I've been living in Wyoming for 15 years and I see the white rut hard around my place later. Mid to late Nov. Thanksgiving time
  8. Wyomingbackcountry

    Deer question montana

    I'm a nonresident. I live in Wyoming. I truly believe the mule deer should be draw only( at least for the nonresidents) and unit specific. No free for all around the state. And to help the mule deer shorter season. It sucks for you locals but in time it may help. They shortened our season...
  9. Wyomingbackcountry

    WY whitetail tactics

    I've notice where I am at in Wyoming the rut is a Little later in November. Late 2nd week to end of November
  10. Wyomingbackcountry

    Wyoming is Up!

    41 the deer herd is way down. Very few pockets of decent mule deer left if any and they are hard to find once opening day hits. The big whitetail are on private. Most whitetail you will see are 100 to 125" if you are lucky. Over hunted on late season whitetail. Used to be good whitetail and...
  11. Wyomingbackcountry

    Antelope...Lets See Them!!!

    Only had 4 hrs this year to fill my tag.
  12. Wyomingbackcountry

    Old Military Photos from Hunttalkers

    Thank you all for your service and god bless you all.
  13. Wyomingbackcountry

    South Dakota Black Hills

    I dont know any thing about those tag or unit or state. But I've been south of Rapids working on sheridan lake road all summer and have seen a few decent white tail. Not much help if you want a mule deer.
  14. Wyomingbackcountry

    Wyoming region r

    PM me if you decide to hunt region r. I've hunted the unit for almost 20 years and guided in it for 12 years. I can give you some tips
  15. Wyomingbackcountry

    Elk .... Let's see them!!!

    Does anyone know any thing about this bull. The picture was sent to me many years ago and I have always wanted to know the story on it ( high fence or private property)?
  16. Wyomingbackcountry

    Elk .... Let's see them!!!

  17. Wyomingbackcountry

    Deer - lets see em

    I know it's not a deer but we saved alot of deers lives taking this big old tom
  18. Wyomingbackcountry

    Deer - lets see em

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