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  1. SFC B

    1986 Chevy Silverado C10

    Before I bought Doug (my previous hunting truck) I was on the look out for a square body. In my neck of the woods I couldn't find anything short of an absolute basket case for less than 5-6K........ Very good looking truck.
  2. SFC B

    Rifle’s “Done!” 5HD & Mountain Tactical Raptor 1 Piece Base and Rings

    I have a Mountain Tactical 0 MOA rail on my Tikka and love it as well. Machined with the Tikka/Sako recoil lug in it and it fits like a glove. A great mounting platform.
  3. SFC B

    Tajikistan Ibex

    Great write up of awhat looks like an incredible adventure. That will make a wonderful mount.
  4. SFC B

    Is there a good scope you like for your shotgun with a cantilever slug barrel?

    For reference my hunting pistol (waiting on delivery) is a CMMG Banshee 200 in .308 .....12.5 in barrel and a brace ;)
  5. SFC B

    Is there a good scope you like for your shotgun with a cantilever slug barrel?

    A 220 is definitely still a shotgun, although probably the most accurate slug gun. Range and accuracy are not in line with any decent rifle. Depending on the slug you shoot in 20 it will be a few pounds less to a couple pounds MORE recoil energy than a 308. I see the OLAP lands are strictly...
  6. SFC B

    Is there a good scope you like for your shotgun with a cantilever slug barrel?

    Here is my first question......where are you planning on hunting that is shotgun only? Most times there are avenues allowed through the regulations that make alternative weapons a better option. IL is a prime example of that and I have the answer for that one ;) As for the questions about the...
  7. SFC B

    Mackinac Island

    Fudge...... that is all........
  8. SFC B

    .300 Win Mag vs 6.5 Creedmoor

    Another vote for the 300 (if these are your only 2 choices) for the versatility, availability and pure energy perspective. I would ask which animals you plan on pursuing with the rifle of choice, your comfortable maximum distance for hunting shots and your acceptance of recoil?
  9. SFC B

    Christensen Arms Mesa

    Have you checked out a Tikka Superlite? Same weight, a couple of hundred less and impeccable accuracy. It is pretty obvious I am a Tikka guy after buying my Roughtech (which is only 7lbs itself). But for reference, I have shot and had my pick of the brands we carry in the shop and went with...
  10. SFC B

    Has anybody here recently bought a new over/under shotgun for under $700 that he really likes?

    In the price range you mentioned my favorite of what we carry at the shop are the CZ Drakes. I have found them to be nice shooting guns and comfortable for me.
  11. SFC B

    Cool Christmas Gifts

    This was under the tree for me.....the one thing the wife took a hint on. First entry was my USAFA hunt.... can't wait to fill out up!
  12. SFC B

    Gamekeeper from UK

    Welcome!! Plenty of good information on the forums here and folks very willing to answer whatever questions you may have. I lived in Suffolk for a bit and was lucky enough to hunt in Norfolk the year before everything went tits up with Lee (another member here) that does gamekeeping as well...
  13. SFC B

    What’s on tap for dinner this Christmas Eve?

    I have the poor man set up.......looks like a very coarse cheese grater with a hopper on rails on top of it. I lust after an OG crank......'22 may be the year for me to bite the bullet and buy a good one.
  14. SFC B

    What’s on tap for dinner this Christmas Eve?

    Here are the pics.....
  15. SFC B

    What’s on tap for dinner this Christmas Eve?

    I am the primary cook around our place. I am fairly skilled at it and the spouse is ...er um.....a good BAKER.....we'll leave it at that. Both of our family's are very German (I am a Born and she is a Schlicht) so since the kids were little we have made it a tradition for me to cook German...
  16. SFC B

    what to do with rifle that doesn't get used?

    Here is an outside the box......maybe consider gifting it to a young hunter that could use a solid rig if you don't need the money.
  17. SFC B

    Norma Whitetail

    I used some 150s in my new 300WM (Simo) for break in as it was the cheapest ammo I could find. It shot reasonably well and I have to admit that I was not being overly careful in the shooting of it as ti was for break in only.
  18. SFC B

    CZ 457 .22 lr

    I'll be ready when it happens
  19. SFC B

    CZ 457 .22 lr

    When we had out range day with the entire CZ line love of the 457 was UNANIMOUS ...... Scorpions were great fun, the other pistols were great and the big bore rifles were good shooters......but those rimfires are just wonderful shooters. When I have grandkids that will be my first purchase for...
  20. SFC B

    Santa Came a little early...

    Beautiful rig. We had a range day with Seekins last spring prior to us opening. We shot every platform they have and EVERY rifle was outstanding. Congratulations on a great set up!!!
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