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    Old Log Cabins & Pioneer Barns - Pictures.

    Zane Gray's cabin on the Rogue River
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    What do beets taste like to you?

    Sweet, one of my favorite vegetables. I plant two rows in my garden every year.
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    Dogs life

    I've always wondered about myself. I can read about or see all kinds of human tragedy or triumph and feel absolutely nothing emotionally. See some story about a dog and I get all teary eyed. I was surprised though when I heard about the fires in Colorado. I got all emotional for a moment. I...
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    Cardiologist visit tomorrow

    I will definitely ask.
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    Cardiologist visit tomorrow

    My whole life I've had a strong heart. Spent most of my time running up and down steep hill like a mountain goat. No problem. Then a couple of years ago my heart started doing funny things like racing and Skipping beats. I thought it would get better on it's own but it didn't and it started...
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    Switching Dog Breeds

    When I was a kid, I had a little black mut. Turned out to be a great little bird dog. Then my dad got a GSP that I really liked so when I got out of the army, I got my own GSP. Since I did a lot of upland bird hunting and a little waterfowl hunting it made sense. After two more GSPs, one super...
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    French brittany

    I had two GSP that were rescue dogs. You couldn't ask for better bird dogs, better family dogs or just plain better dogs. Then I pressed my luck and got a third GSP from the humane society shelter. She turned out to be gun shy and dumb as a post. She ran off one day, for who knows why, and a...
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    Winch or Diff?

    I voted winch but it's kind of a double-edged sword. A winch can get you out of some pretty nasty situations. But you probably only got into that situation because you knew you had the winch.
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    Road hunters

    It is illegal to road hunt in Oregon, but I guess you have to get caught actually shooting from the road to get in trouble. There is a place I used to bow hunt elk and almost every day we would see a pickup slowly going along the forest roads. They had mounted an old bench seat from a pickup on...
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    French brittany

    Didn't all Brittany Spaniels originate in France? Never owned one but always liked them.
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    What do you do with your old bows?

    The only compound I ever owned, I sold. No regrets. All my recurves and long bows, including the recurve I got for Christmas in 1966 and the 6 1/2 ft. yew self-bow with elk antler tips, went away in the wildfire. One thing about a good fire is that it takes away that nagging question of "what...
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    My Son in Law used to teach at a private school here in Oregon. The science teacher at that school was an avid hunter and he would bring his kills into class and have the kids skin and cut them up. It was a good way to teach anatomy while getting his deer processed without getting his hands dirty.
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    Who here has taken moose and/or elk with the venerable ".30-06 short" or even a .300 Savage?

    Remington 722 in .300 SAV. with a $30, 4 power Tasco scope
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    Knife confessions

    I have lost several pocketknives over the years but never a hunting knife. I found one of those pocketknives last summer when I was rototilling my back yard for a new lawn. On the other hand, I have found probably 25 to 30 knives in the woods. Mostly junk but a few really nice ones. A friend of...
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    Worst Hunting Hand Me Down

    I wish I could do that but just like everything else of my dad's, that I had, it was lost in the fire.
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    I just received my pre-owned 1990-vintage Mossberg 500A1 via Internet order today but some bad news!

    Probably wouldn't have to swim. It was in 4 to 5 feet of water in Pelican Bay on Klamath Lake. As dry as it's been over there you could just walk out and pick it up.
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    Worst Hunting Hand Me Down

    I inherited my dad's old side by side 12 gauge. He bought it brand new back in the 30s so it was getting old. The front trigger was getting a bit worn so it was now a hair trigger and the safety switch would sometimes stick halfway to the on position so you would think you had put the safety on...
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    I just received my pre-owned 1990-vintage Mossberg 500A1 via Internet order today but some bad news!

    It happens all the time. It has been clearly documented in Elmer Fudd's wabbit hunting videos.
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    I just received my pre-owned 1990-vintage Mossberg 500A1 via Internet order today but some bad news!

    Looks like we got a lot in common. That's the same gun my dad bought for me for my 12th birthday. That thing kilt a lot of pheasant, ducks and even two deer before the stock split in half. I even managed a double on pheasant with that thing. I was pretty proud of that.
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    I just received my pre-owned 1990-vintage Mossberg 500A1 via Internet order today but some bad news!

    The first shotgun I ever bought was a good ol' Mosberg 500. I think I paid $89 in 1972. When I stayed out in the rain too long the forearm would swell up to where I couldn't muscle it back no matter how hard I tried. Damn thing fell out of my canoe into the lake sometime in the 80's. If I had...

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