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    "Day Hunt" pack - Ever regret not having overnight gear?

    So how many times have you been out on a "day hunt" and wish you had your overnight gear? I have heard of a number of guys packing light then for one reason or the other (ran into animals they wanted to stay close to or an animal down) and ended up spending a cold night in the mountains. How...
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    Anyone considering the F150 Electric? With gas prices pretty brutal nowadays wondering if anyone's tempted? With a 300 mile range though, wouldn't be too practical for longer trips to hunting areas. Also, they're launching with the 5.5ft bed and would certainly prefer 6'+ for...
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    How do you cover country to find bugles?

    Hi All, What method(s) of moving around do you use to locate bugles, foot, vehicle, e-bike, hovercraft, etc., and what are some keys you’ve found for success in that method? thx s
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    Urine/Smell from Rutting Elk or...?

    Hi All, This part weekend, still hunting in the same areas where I located a bull or two last week, I started to smell that musky scent I've previously associated with bull elk when hunting cows. First year hunting bulls so am curious: Is that strong musky urine smell indicative of most...
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    Gave in and bought a SXS. So far so good.

    Hi All, Well, after much consideration on how much I wanted to put into my trusty freighter (3/4 ton duramax, crew cab, long bed) and considering an old Tacoma (which I'm convinced would still be a great choice), I pulled the trigger on a new Honda Talon X4. I've put a couple hundred miles on...
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    Total Archery Challenge, Big Sky: Who's going?

    Hi All, Looks like I was late for the sign ups as they're all sold out, but on the waitlist. Who's all going? For those solo archers, do you know if there is some kind of solo list where individuals can join small groups with room in their nock time? With many of us hunting or training solo...
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    Checkerboard Pro-Active Solutions?

    Hi All, I'm sure this has come up before so apologize in advance for my ignorance. Are there viable solutions to the conundrum of so much public land locked behind the checkerboards and inability to corner hop? Could the BLM, if properly inspired, decide to adjust their leases to only allow...
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    How can we change from defense to offense?

    Hi All, As someone who's been very active in my previous County politics regarding land use issues (non-hunting related), I can say from experience that playing defense all the time is simply brutal and demoralizing. Facing barrage after barrage of attacks with each new anti-.... measure or...
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    MT: If draw limited entry can still hunt general areas also?

    Hi All, I tried some initial searches and apologize I didn't find the answer. If I draw a limited entry unit can I also hunt the general units? Thanks, Steve
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    Springfield XDM 10mm 5.25": only couple weeks old

    Hi All, I love this gun as it feels great and is crazy accurate. After shooting a gun with a red dot, my 50 year old eyes decided it's a great idea. So I'm getting another XDM that's optic ready. This one is only a couple weeks old with just about 300 rounds through it, without a single...
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    Hitch Mount Winch Experience?

    Hi All, Does anyone use now or have used a hitch mounted winch? If so, on what truck and how's your experience been? Thanks, Steve
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    Considering Lifting for Function v. Form

    Hi All, Been enjoying a great season in the mountains and seriously considering lifting my truck (2011 2500 duramax, crew, longbed). I've hesitated as it's been so good to me so far in being pretty darn solid on the dirt, mild-mud, and low (2"-8") snow. However, some of the roads I've been on...
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    Meat Storage - Bozeman & Surrounding areas?

    Hi All, Anyone know of a processor or place that'll just allow me to pay for meat storage? I actually enjoy processing my own meat, but will be working remotely/hunting/getting time in the mountains this fall so will be away from my home's freezer for a few months. I may just pay a processor...
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    Have Antlerless tag in MT and open to team up with someone with Bull tag (grizzly country)

    Hi All, I'll be spending most of the fall in Montana/Wyoming working remotely and hitting the mountains often. My antlerless B tag is for MT 314 so if someone has a bull tag, which might include General for that unit, I'm open to team up. I'm used to hunting solo, but as it's supposed to be...
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    Travel Trailer Size and Road Limitations

    Hi All, Has anyone learned some lessons from experience on some optimal travel trailer length range that will allow access to the most roads which one would reasonably tow a trailer? My priority is to be able to live in the trailer during Fall in gorgeous areas of WY/MT/ID for a few months of...
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    Recommendations of suspension mods for rough roads?

    Hi All, I've got a 2011 3/4 ton duramax diesel which is a pure joy to haul the horse trailer, was strong in the snow and cold in WY last Oct., but is a mighty rough ride on any bumpy dirt roads. Of course this is by design as it's made to haul and tow, but since my towing needs aren't massive...
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    "China bans trade, eating of wild animals in battle against coronavirus"

    Hi All, With a headline like this in the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong's top newspaper), I thought you'd want to be aware of it in the case that the US sensationalistic media and public who hungers for drama pick it up. Figured it'd be wise to be prepared to talk about this within our...
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    Chile Opens up Massive Public Land

    Hi All, just saw this and expect some of you are already well aware of details. If not then it’s worth a read: Cheers, Steve
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    SOLD - Leupold Gold Ring Spotter 15-30x50

    SOLD - I bought this used earlier this year but only ended up taking it into the field once. Otherwise used a few times at the range, so figure might as well let someone else enjoy it. Great shape with no scratches on the glass.
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    WTS: SOLD - Kifaru Reckoning Pack - great condition w/no meat hauled

    SOLD Kifaru Reckoning Pack Kryptek Hylander Duplex Platform Hunting Frame in Ranger Green/Coyote Brown Ultralight Composite Stays 26" Medium Duplex Belt (34"-38") Includes: XPAC Guide Lid - new and never used in the field Large Belt pouch (ranger green) - bought new then used for scouting only...

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