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    Idaho Bull

    I wanted to report back after my hunt. Thanks to those on here that were so generous with their information and experiences. I started two days prior to the opener in 66A, but found a lot of traffic at the few access points. The evening before the hunt, I drove south to 76 where I found a lot of...
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    Bro's Wasatch Bull

    This year my brother finally drew a much anticipated Wasatch early rifle bull tag after 18 years of waiting. We grew up hunting the Wasatch and he has been dreaming of hunting a mature bull there for a long time. Years ago I moved down South and we starting hunting some other states, so we had...
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    Idaho Unit 76 late rifle tips?

    Hey fellas, I am working on my e-scouting plan for a tag I got really lucky on. I drew a late rifle (October 15th opener) for Unit 66A-1 which includes unit 76. I have looked into this unit a bit for archery but have not been able to get a tag so I threw in for a rifle tag and got lucky. I have...
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    EXO K2 5500 pack

    EXO K2 5500 pack and frame in multicam. Comes with two hip belt pockets, two velcro stash pockets, and orange crib panel. Pack is in excellent condition, no holes or tears, one small stain pictured on the frame. Large hip belt. 350.00 shipped in lower 48.
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    Leupold VX3i 4.5-14x40 ZL windplex

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    Selling a few optics to fund some other gear. Like new Vortex Fury binoculars, the carry harness got a few spots on it (see pics) but the binoculars are in flawless condition. ***750.00 shipped*** Like new Vortex Viper HD (2018 latest model) 15-45-65 spotter no issues at all ***500.00...
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    Scouting for bears?

    I have bear tag here in Utah that starts May 23 and I can use bait. I have never hunted bears or baited them. The unit I will be hunting (Panguitch Lake/ Zion) is not known for a large bear population, but the population is growing. My question is how do I locate a good bait site location? I...
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    Vortex Viper HS 4-16X44

    Selling a Vortex Viper HS 4-16X44 in excellent condition, I bought this scope and lower power scope to try on a hunting rifle. After mounting both scopes, I decided to go with the lower power. This scope is less than 3 months old and the glass is flawless. There only very light marks in the...
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    Vortex Viper HD 10x42 binoculars

    Selling great condition Vortex Viper HD 10x42 they are a little dusty on the outside glass is perfect. ***250.00 Shipped***
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    Vortex Kaibab 18X56 Binoculars (Like New)

    Selling like new perfect condition Kaibab 18X56 binoculars. Comes with a Vortex tripod mount and original packaging. ***650.00 shipped*** Paypal payment preferred
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    Tagged Out in Wyoming!

    My brother two friends and I all tagged out on elk in Wyoming! We had a great season harvesting one bull during the archery season and the other three last week during the rifle season. My brother and I each had seven points for elk and were frustrated not drawing the limited tag we were after...
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    New Mystery Ranch Sawtooth

    I have a new Mystery Ranch Sawtooth in coyote brown with large waist belt. Is the exact model in the link. Full disclosure, I have worn the backpack for a couple walks around my neighborhood with a case of water in the load shelf, but it has never been hunting or outside otherwise. The reason I...
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    Wyoming Unit 13 Archery Elk?

    I am headed to Unit 13 the 3rd week of September for an archery elk hunt. I have been marking some areas on my OnX and spent some time looking over google earth. I was hoping there might be someone on here that know the area that I could bounce some ideas off of. Please let me know if I could...
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    Multicam EXO K2 5500

    The pack is in excellent condition (no holes or stains) comes with a large waist belt and orange load crib panel. 425.00 shipped in lower 48. Paypal gift preferred payment.
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    Like New (Never slept in) BA sleep system

    I have a like new (only rolled out in my house to test) Big Agnes Blackburn UL 0 degree 850 fill down sleeping bag with Big Agnes Q-core SLX sleeping pad. This is the system with the pad sleeve so you can't roll off your pad. The bag and pad are Regular size. I bought the system last Christmas...
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    Idaho hunting license question

    The regulations say I have to have a valid combination license to apply for moose, but my question is does it still have to be valid at the time of the draw? I have a combination license that expires on 04/16/2019 that I used to apply last year. If I apply before my license expires will my...
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    What happened to Knight?

    I just filed a compliant with the BBB because of and issue I am having with them. Below is a copy of my compliant. Anybody else have an issue with Knight customer service? P.S. The bullets used were No Excuses I sent a rifle back to Knight Rifles for repair in November of 2018. As of today...
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    Wyoming Unit 120 access?

    Thinking about burning 7 points on unit 120. I have been in the "no man's land" point area long enough and want to go hunting next year. On paper 120 looks pretty good in terms of success and quality. Has anybody spent time in Unit 120 that could offer advice on elk? Is there decent numbers on...
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    Arizona Unit 32 Coues report

    Here's a report on my recent coues trip in AZ unit 32 with my brother. We arrived in the unit a day and a half before the opener and found the area was a little different that we expected, which is not surprising for a first trip. Our plan of pulling our small utility trailer full of gear to...
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    like New/Never slept in Big Agnes sleep system

    I have a like new (only rolled out in my house test) Big Agnes Blackburn UL 0 degree 850 fill down sleeping bag with Big Agnes Q-core SLX sleeping pad. This is the system with the pad sleeve so you can't roll off your pad. The bag and pad are Regular size. I bought the system last Christmas with...

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