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    7mm-08 not just for kids and women…

    Well i bought a Weatherby Vanguard series 2 in 7mm08 just a week ago because of the low recoil and its a great deer hunting caliber !!!
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    I miss the old days

    I started hunting in 1956 here in Michigan, and a buck was a buck no matter the points, and you had better not ever shot a doe for any reason NEVER !!!!
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    Ammo Availability .30-06 Winchester brand

    I called a LGS and ask him how is it going, he said a little bit a go i could not sell a gun because i had no ammo for them, now i can't sell them because they won't pay the price of the ammo !!!
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    Mid 50's retirees question

    Well i could have went at 59 but i had the job i had worked all my life to get so i stayed till i was 70 i just was not ready to go at 59, it had nothing to do with money !!!
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    New guy from Michigan!

    Welcome from mid-Mich come on in and do some Hunt talk !!!
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    New hunter for partner in Michigan

    Do as Ben Lamb said and they will hook you right up with a mentor willing to help !!!
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    Sighting in, how and when

    Back when i first starting hunting ( 1956 ) the old boys said if you can put 3 shots in a pie plate at 50yds you are good to go, well things have changed i want 1.5 at 100yds but my hunting has changed too, from the big woods to the big fields !!

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