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  1. JLS

    Wyoming Corner Crossing Defense Fund

    There may be some legal/accounting issues with BHA maintaining an escrow fund for legal representation. It is far cleaner to do a go fund me on a case by case basis, instead of maintaining a standing account.
  2. JLS

    Finn from the Cascades, Season 4

    Left to right: sister Bella, Finn, half brothers Riot and Bulliet.
  3. JLS

    Favorite Cut?

    Top sirloin. Grill it whole.
  4. JLS

    Leupold CDS question.

    This. The homemade zero stop is about the easiest modification you’ll ever do. It’ll take you longer to go to the hardware store and get the bearings then it will to take a drill and put it in.
  5. JLS

    Alive day....

    All I can offer is a humble thank you, for your service and for expressing your grief instead of locking it inside.
  6. JLS

    Toyota Tacoma TRD, etc...Seller's Market!

    Crew cab vs double cab will make a difference, not sure bed length will.
  7. JLS

    Great social media posts..

  8. JLS

    Finn from the Cascades, Season 4

    Finn is now certified in the Deutsch Drahthaar breed registry.
  9. JLS

    ID 2022 Tag Sale

    If it was random draw for zones, it’d be pretty easy for me to get the tags we would apply for i think.
  10. JLS

    “Big 3” all from your home state

    I’m at one, and will likely stay there as I quit applying about a decade ago. I’m happy hunting deer and elk. I got to tag along and be the horse packer on a sheep hunt, which satisfied that itch.
  11. JLS

    Did you lose your shotgun..or..know someone that lost their shotgun??

    Well then join us! There’s a decent chance I’ll forget and leave the doors open on my pickup while out hunting, so you’ll have a good opportunity to steal everything back that I picked up lol
  12. JLS

    Did you lose your shotgun..or..know someone that lost their shotgun??

    Want to go hunting next week?
  13. JLS

    Cleaning my backpack

    A good old fashion garden hose works. If you can, fill your bathtub with warm water, throw some Woolite in it and soak your pack overnight.
  14. JLS

    Montana on the Upswing?

    Man I kind of forgot about that Joker.
  15. JLS

    OTC Idaho Elk Tag Sale

    2022 tags
  16. JLS

    Good Thoughts

    Bear wishes for a fast recovery. Read the warranty fine print.
  17. JLS

    Why don't all scope have internal anti cant bubbles?

    Shouldn’t you be heading in?
  18. JLS

    Wyoming Corner Crossing Defense Fund

    That dude also got banned. Twice.
  19. JLS

    Extreme velocity monos.

    Here is the ballistic chart data. 2200 fps at 500 yards and 2000 at 600. Pretty impressive. I see there is a 130 grain Absolute now. My gosh what a rabbit hole…

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