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  1. wa_archer

    Elk Ivory Ideas

    i have been looking at some of the stuff makes looks amazing but havent found the extra scratch to actually do it. not sure i ever will, rather put it toward tags.
  2. wa_archer

    Salmon Contractors

    Anyone on here live in the Salmon, Id area and/or have any recommendations for contractors in the area? We have some land there and looking at putting a shop with livable on it this coming spring. Figured would check since i would normally feel i could reasonably trust someone on here to give...
  3. wa_archer

    Daines, Newhouse, and other R Senators with some bold words regarding public lands

    They don't really give a shit about public lands, logging or the health of the forests. These politicians only care about the check being written and the favor they are paying back for that money. Its just a damn game for these politicians who are being marieneted by there donors or future...
  4. wa_archer

    Pretty & Classy rifles. Lets see them!

    Had to add mine up after seeing this one.
  5. wa_archer

    How Long Meat in Freezer

    i wouldn't say ust because for jerky can be old. you have a great chance of tasting "freezer burnt" taste meat no matter what you do with it.
  6. wa_archer

    Sunday Pic of the Day

    She wanted to go deer hunting but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t bringing a book. I did put in her pack. At 9yr old you do what it takes when they show interest.
  7. wa_archer

    Alaska Caribou 2021

    looks like a fun trip and one that looks like on the lower end expense wise when considering getting away from the roads. congrats
  8. wa_archer

    Accessing Public Lands From the "Backside"

    I haven't personally done this but know guys that for sure look into it when scouting hunting areas. I did get burned by it once hiking the long way in through public and finding a hunter behind every stump once i got in who had accessed from a road i wasn't aware came so close from the...
  9. wa_archer

    bird dogs,,,,,,,,

    Man mine have been watching camo, rifles and muzzleloading coming and going during deer and elk so far this year and are all kinds of worked up about it. They know its fall, gonna get them out this weekend.
  10. wa_archer

    Only in a small town

    Such a big world but so small, cool story and great Pronghorn. My wife always spots the animals first as well, luckily she passed it on to my son.
  11. wa_archer

    New Hunter from Oakley, UT

    Welcome, and yeah there's more advice on here than a small town bar and twice the banter. Its a great place!!! Honestly probably some of the huntiness outdoorsman you can find on a forum.
  12. wa_archer

    New Pup pick up in 4 weeks

    AS long as its not another one of those Golden Doodle things. I swear everyone in my neighbor is walking them and i have yet to meet one that looks like it knows how to do anything but walk on a leash. I am sure there are some out there as both breeds can be great hunting dogs. I live in the...
  13. wa_archer

    Black Bear, long winded version (no other version available)

    Thanks, and I really should mention the awesome bear spot @neffa3 found and graciously took me.
  14. wa_archer

    Black Bear, long winded version (no other version available)

    So been a couple weeks now but me and @neffa3 went on a little afternoon bear hunt. The kids all stayed with his wife who was assured we would be back about dark, don't worry they wont be that bad. Off we went in the ol' Tundra to drive up a dirt road. luckily no bikes or hikers passing to...
  15. wa_archer

    Hunting Gear Thats Punches Above its Pricepoint

    O sorry woool disco pants from goodwill good catch there
  16. wa_archer

    WTB-Tire Chains

    IF you really want some on the cheap wait till spring and stock up for the coming year on a mountain pass. The good trucker chains, you will need a cutter or grinder of some sort to cut to fit.....they throw those things like crazy at least the ones that know how to put them on.
  17. wa_archer

    Hunting Gear Thats Punches Above its Pricepoint

    And here i thought you would say polyester disco pants from goodwill....:ROFLMAO: pretty sure those are over the minus33
  18. wa_archer

    Hunting Gear Thats Punches Above its Pricepoint

    $12 dollar pocket rocket knock off stove from amazon been using for 4-5 years with absolutely no issues, ignitor still works.
  19. wa_archer

    Another reason WA sucks

    Although i haven't drawn in years i will say you do technically always have a chance. At least there are general hunts without drawing for your deer, elk , bear. I do get it though a general hunt in almost any other western state is comparable to the special draw in WA. I dont envy WDFW...
  20. wa_archer

    Back Country Cargo Trailer Conversion

    Figured i would throw my build that i did this summer on here. This was 3 weeks and approx $4k total to build including the trailer. It helped that i bought the trailer from my buddy and it had a couple issues. it had been rear ended years ago so the back door was 3/4 ply that they bolted...

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