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  1. SaskHunter

    Hunting Meme Thread

  2. SaskHunter

    Dust elimination in truck topper

    My 19 Killverado is trash when it comes to dust in the bed of the truck with my tonneau cover. 2 of my kids pool noodles died in vain trying to plug the cracks with no success. RIP
  3. SaskHunter

    Llamaless - A Colorado Elk Tale

    But... but... where's the LaCroix? Great job!
  4. SaskHunter

    Keeping A Secret....

    Awesome story and hunt! Good job!
  5. SaskHunter

    Hunting Gear Thats Punches Above its Pricepoint

    Those Walmart Wrangler Nylon/Spandex pants... Beats my Kuiu and FirstLite pants at a 1/4 of the price!
  6. SaskHunter

    Covid restrictions going forward

    I think we should be able to vote on who gets butt chaffing relief medication or not!!! HEAR HEAR!!!
  7. SaskHunter

    Quest for a Sask moose day by day

    Attaboy!!! Good job
  8. SaskHunter

    Hunting gaiters

    +10 OR Crocs!!! Been looking for a replacement as I've put a 4 inch gash through mine last season going over a fence. Probably will get another pair but still looking around for other brands.
  9. SaskHunter

    Ranking 10 Common Bolt Action Hunting Rifles Under $750

    Well well well, I would know a thing or two about rocket surgery...
  10. SaskHunter

    Wyoming Ranch for Sale

    Yo, can I buy this ranch and chase antelopes on my RZR? Asking for a friend.
  11. SaskHunter

    Black Bear, long winded version (no other version available)

    Awesome, congrats! You won't have any issues with dirty undies if you just go commando!
  12. SaskHunter

    Alberta Ram

    Beauty of a mount, congrats on the ram!
  13. SaskHunter

    Stop grinding shanks

    I stopped using a saw the day I figured out how to properly use a knife to debone an animal. Shanks are the only exception and that is because they are oh so delicious. But CWD does cross my mind when I cut through those shanks. Looking forward to an at-home CWD detection kit!
  14. SaskHunter

    Building recreational cabins

    Beautiful cabin, goob job!
  15. SaskHunter

    How are the crowds out there in the woods?

    I've noticed more guys out this year for the regular elk season here in Saskatchewan, even during archery. Rifle season was significantly busier.
  16. SaskHunter

    Binos in $250-$300 range

    Vortex 💯
  17. SaskHunter

    This chaps my arse!

    When the bidet hits just right?
  18. SaskHunter

    Morning Trifecta

    Pretty decent unsuccesful elk hunt if you ask me! Congrats

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