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  1. Nick28

    Metcalf or Pintler

    Looking to get a larger pack. I'm torn between the Mystery Ranch Metcalf and the Mystery Ranch Pintler. What one would you guys get, or if you already have one of them, how do you like it?
  2. Nick28

    Tripod Ideas

    Thinking about upgrading my current tripod. Looking at getting one that will last me a long time. I was looking at the Sirui W-1204 Waterproof Carbon Fiber Tripod, but now I am second guessing if it is worth the extra money to get that one or if a $200 tripod is just a good. Looking for some ideas.
  3. Nick28

    Wyoming Area 113

    Looking at taking a trip to Wyoming to pronghorn hunt with my dad. We both have 0 points so we were looking at 113 since it looks like it doesn't take any points to draw there. Just wondering if it is worth the trip out there and if we would be able to see a lot of goats. I know the both of us...
  4. Nick28

    Colorado Unit 60

    I see the 2nd rifle season in unit 60 is OTC for elk and am currently at looking at going out there. Just curious on what I should expect in that unit. I know its OTC but according to some of my research, it seems like there isn't a whole lot of hunting pressure. Is this true? What should my...
  5. Nick28

    Montana Mule Deer HD 650

    Looking at taking a trip to Montana Hunt District 650 next year for rifle season. Was just wondering if there is many mule deer around that area and what we should be expecting out there. We would be hunting on the east side of the hunting district and may have a possibility of getting on a...