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  1. cgarner

    Well it finally happened.

    For years I've preached about how good and tender antelope meat is. I've written off naysayers by saying that it is all about how the antelope is treated post-harvest and how it is cooked. If you had a bad experience with antelope, then it must have been poorly handled post-harvest or it was...
  2. cgarner

    Wyoming Cow Elk Unit 7 weather and access

    A coworker and I are headed to Unit 7 for cow elk the week of January 20. Another buddy of mine hunted the unit in mid-December and found deep snow on the roads with limited access to public lands. They got stuck 7 times. Any insight or advice on weather conditions and access with road...
  3. cgarner

    First day success

    It is cold and wet in Casper, but we had a good first day. Two antelope down in 1hr. Hoping to fill 2 tags tomorrow and head north to Gillette to fill 4 more tags. I hope everyone is staying warm and dry and have good hunts.
  4. cgarner

    Changing bow draw length

    I may have an opportunity to acquire a Hoyt Carbon Element G3 really cheap. The only catch is the owner was 5'4" tall and I'm 6' 1". I'm assuming his draw length is really short and mine is 29". How easy is it to change out the cams and string to a cam that allows a longer draw length?
  5. cgarner

    Most Wyoming wildlife dollars spent on wildife viewing

    There is an article in The Wildlife Professional titled "Most Wyoming wildlife dollars spent on wildlife viewing" about a study conducted by the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming game and fish department that found that hunters, anglers and wildlife viewers spent $760 million in Wyoming in...
  6. cgarner

    Wyoming HMA application question

    How many HMA's can a hunter apply for at one time? Are you allowed to have permission slips for more than one HMA?
  7. cgarner

    2017 Antelope success

    My 2017 Wyoming antelope hunt turned out to be the best of all time. I've been hunting antelope for 6 years and always only drew one or two tags. I got four and my buddy got three tags this year. We were a little bit daunted about filling all of the tags. We both filled our tags in 2 days...
  8. cgarner

    Post harvest species identifcation feature

    Me and a buddy have doe whitetail tags for Wyoming and assuming we get successful, I was wondering what body part do we need to leave on a quarter to identify the species. I assume the tail?
  9. cgarner

    Cow elk

    I have a question for those of you with elk hunting experience that are willing to help out a newb. I've been hunting the S.W corner of Wyoming for 7 years now for antelope. I'm branching out this year and will be going after antelope in the north central region of Wyoming (around the Buffalo...
  10. cgarner

    Wyoming Elk Unit 107 type 7

    I'm in the process of planning my first elk application and decided to go after a cow elk tag since I don't have any experience hunting elk. I'm looking at hunt area 107 type 7 which is for a cow or calf elk valid off national forest within the Henry's Fork River drainage. I scoured the Wyoming...