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    Arizona Unit 8 Archery Elk

    I posted this two months ago and received some great help but thought I would repost in hopes of gaining a little more info to relive the anticipation stress. The following was the original post. NOW IT IS THREE MONTHS AWAY! I Thank You all that have helped. We were fortunate enough to draw Unit...
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    Washington Moose

    After a lifetime of applications We finally Drew Moose Tags in our home state of Washington. Complete chaos followed finding out that We had drawn coveted Moose tags. We were both out of control. Google maps, on the phone every night, PM's to Moose savvy hunters, reading, watching videos, Moose...
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    Unit 8 Arizona

    We were fortunate enough to draw Unit 8 early archery Bull Elk tags. We are excited beyond belief. Looking forward to all aspects of the hunt. Mapping, Google Earth, Biologists, scouting, and of course the hunt. we are going to have 21 days off for a 14 day hunt. I will be obsessing over this...