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  1. N_8

    Spring and Summer fun in AK

    Nice. Can't believe it July 15th already. Typical AK summer blur, i swear i was just steelhead fishing.
  2. N_8

    What is the ultimate outdoor job?

    For me it has changed. Early in my career I was all about fish and wildlife technician work, getting my hands on critters in wild places: fieldwork. But, having seasoned a little, there is something to be said for getting projects done: being part of an access project, replacing culverts...
  3. N_8

    POW fly-in hunt (pictures and everything)

    Congrats. Looks like you scored consecutive good weather days. Hard to beat that!
  4. N_8

    Sunny weather sheds

    Thought I'd try posting a pic. Love getting out before the jungle grows in.
  5. N_8

    Adirondack NY. NICE BUCK !!!

    I went to school at Paul Smiths. Someday i'd like to go back and hunt those big north woods.
  6. N_8

    Alaska Mountain Goat Taxidermy Finished.

    Nice! I've got a Kodiak tag this year. Never hunted there. Pumped.
  7. N_8

    Bear Poachers caught in Alaska

    If these guys donated a million dollars to PETA, it would have been better for hunters then this.
  8. N_8

    POW Gear list

    re: head net Sorry Ive been out of the country. I've rarely used a head net in SE Alaska. But, it doesn't cost you much in weight and warm still air on the mud flats can equal powerful no see ums. The worst IMO.
  9. N_8

    Moose guns.

    I've shot a few, all with a 338, sometimes with two shots. I've helped pack out a bunch more, and i can't ever recall a moose hunt where getting the animal out wasn't the primary challenge of the trip. So i guess I'd err on the side of knock down power.
  10. N_8

    POW Gear list

    I’m new on here but have lived in SE AK for 18 years. I often run a light Goretext, like paclite, and a heavy non-breathable commercial fishing style jacket, like Grudens or HH. I keep the light layer on almost all the time on as a windbreak, bug layer, light rain layer. But, if I am going to be...
  11. N_8

    Hi from SE AK

    New guy from Southeast Alaska. I live pretty far off the road system so i really enjoy the good input on gear and logistics. I'll try and contribute if i can.