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    UT Antlerless Results are Available

    FYI. Good luck!
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    Colorado State Trust Land Access

    In Colorado, the hunting public has access to only 500,000 acres of the 3 million acres of state trust land. CPW pays about $2 per acres to the state land board for access to these lands. If you want to see where trust lands are located and which ones are leased and for what purpose, go here...
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    Colorado Sheep and Goat brochure is online

    I can’t post a link, but the brochure is on the CPW website.
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    First fish of the ice season.

    I didn’t catch many , but still worth the hike.
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    Would you shoot a nanny mtn goat with a kid?

    You’ve drawn a nanny only mtn goat tag in Colorado where mtn goats are not native. The tag is essentially OIL. Would you shoot a nanny with a kid?
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    Hello from Western Colorado

    Hello Everyone, After lurking here for several years, I figured it was time I start contributing. Like most of the other folks on here, I probably spend way too much time thinking about hunting until season rolls around in four more long months. I spend most of my time chasing various bird...