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    Join RMEF, Get a Gerber Vital

    Stopped in to the visitor center today and paid the $35.00 and got the knife and magazine. Then toured the center and enjoyed the displays. It was my first visit to the new center and it is impressive. If your ever in the area take the time to stop in and check it out. Dan
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    Chris Brackett Sentenced Yesterday

    The fine and the hunting ban is fine. But there is nothing better than time behind bars for these unethical crooks. Dan
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    Experience hunting with a recurve

    If your interested in traditional equipment get the book by Fred Bear " Fred Bears Field Notes" and Glenn St Charles "Bows on the Little Delta". Both are great reads and are a motivator to getting competent with a recurve or long bow. I started bow hunting in 1974 with a #55 Darton take down...
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    Boars, pigs in Montana?

    Have there been any documented reports of feral swine in Montana?
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    How far away?

    So far it's been a mile but who knows about the future. I have always figured if your there then you must feel it's good to shoot. Dan
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    My Two-year HOWA Experiment

    The thing that stands out to me is the quality scope. The 3.5 x 10 is a great all around scope that will handle most all of our needs. Most package deals have junk for glass and it's a waste of money to get them. This case is 100% opposite the cost hopefully will make this a no brainer. Thanks...
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    My Two-year HOWA Experiment

    Are you able to give approximate weight of the Magnums?
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    RMEF’s BUGLE magazine article

    Good article it brings common sense to the question of how far is to far. I wish more people could read this and understand it. Dan
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    Public Thank you

    Thanks Brent for sharing your knowledge. Good Luck at Raton!!!!! I'm not going to make it there this year. Dan
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    Hello from Montana

    Welcome from Seeley!!!!! That is a good buck congrats. Dan
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    Montana big four draw coming up soon !

    Struck out on Sheep, Goat and Bison.........…..BUT a 285-50 Moose tag isn't a bad consolation prize. The plus is Seeley is in the middle of 285 :) Yup I'm HAPPY!!!!!! Think my Shiloh Sharps 45 2.6 will get the call. Dan
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    Elk Hunting the Bob Marshall

    Part of the Bob opens for rifle on Sept 15th every year. This is the area west of the divide. You should locate the area you want to hunt and find packer that will pack your elk out. Sept in the Bob is a toss up for weather, it can be hot or snowing in the same week. Good luck, Dan
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    Long time watching first time posting!

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    Southcentral AK Man Who Stares at Sheep

    Welcome to HT
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    New to Montana

    Welcome to the last best place. Dan
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    Montana 2019 Spring Bear Season

    On Thursday I went out on the atv to check out the roads west of Seeley. I saw one bear, it was a black bear that was a very light blond color phase. Not sure of size as he was moving in a area of heavy brush. I did a lot of glassing but only saw the one on the road. He was at about 5500 feet...
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    montana till I die

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    Muzzle velocity consistancy

    One thing to check is your brass being from the same lot and brand. Using different brand can cause up to a 100 fps change in velocity with a given load. I experienced this with my 270. I agree with the clean bore shot being different from the fowled bore shot. Dan
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    Montana 2019 Spring Bear Season

    In the Seeley Lake area the valley is getting pretty well melted. With a little elevation the snow is still there. Also most all of the roads are closed until May 1st and will remain closed until they dry up so the roads won't get torn up. Heck we can't even get to the rifle range until May 1st...