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  1. Buffs35

    80" Buck? Destroy My Field Judging

    I won't destroy anything. He's a shooter to me. He would beat my best by a long way.
  2. Buffs35

    CO GMU 61 Elk Muzzleloader help

    Welcome, and congrats on the tag! No help here, I'm afraid.
  3. Buffs35

    Woulda been a big one next year

    Great mount. Beauty.
  4. Buffs35

    Scouting/Trail camera pics

    Previous weekend.
  5. Buffs35

    Scouting/Trail camera pics

    Last weekend.
  6. Buffs35

    Best state to take up residency

    If you move to Wyo, save me a spot. I have Sheridan circled for retirement.
  7. Buffs35

    Washington Post Op/Ed Big Fin mention

    The media has an agenda? Say it ain't so.
  8. Buffs35

    Tricks to prevent horn shrinkage

    Nice buck there, even if it shrunk a little.
  9. Buffs35

    Should be a good year

    Green almost looks fake.
  10. Buffs35

    Beat the odds

    Congratulations for sure. Best of luck
  11. Buffs35

    End of the week feel good stuff....

    None of us will ever be this cool, me especially. Good times.
  12. Buffs35

    End of the week feel good stuff....

    My mood today. Can't get to Grand County fast enough.
  13. Buffs35

    ND walleye smack down

    Uffda is right. Jeepers cats.
  14. Buffs35


    Love it. Best eating around.
  15. Buffs35

    Non hunting bucket list or dreams?

    Pay off the house before my oldest hits high school. Help kids graduate without student loans - by encouraging academics to hopefully get assistance, and financially. Haven't figured what i dream about after that. Be nice to still have functioning knees and back by then. My wife's dream is to...
  16. Buffs35

    A new effort in Colorado could open 100,000 acres to hunting and recreation

    A boy can hope, but the adult in me is skeptical. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Buffs35

    Hello from Wyoming!

    Howdy. Whereabouts in Wyo?
  18. Buffs35

    new rifle suggestions

    What you gonna hunt? Or just at the range? What do you have already? I'd go .257 over a 6.5, but I'm a sucker for a weatherby. And i prefer John Wayne over little wayne.
  19. Buffs35

    CO draw results

    The wait is unbearable ...