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    Iguana (Chicken of the trees) - Anyone ever try this?

    I watched Andrew Zimmern (Host- Bizarre Food) on a "Florida Keys" episode hunt iguanas and eat them. He seems pretty cool, and it is a fun show to watch. Here is a little clip I found- this dude eats EVERYTHING... but at the 10:30 mark he's eating iguana and iguana eggs. In the actual...
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    Half way through my third season

    Send me a picture of that spotting scope. :)
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    Colorado GMU 52 - 4th Rifle Season

    That picture is right behind my house (ok, like a 1.5 miles). I will NEVER go there again during rifle season.
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    New Mexico Antelope question

    Perfect! Thanks Serio.
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    New Mexico Antelope question

    Hey guys, I have a few questions that I hope some of you can answer. As I read/understand it, muzzleloaders and rifle hunters are assigned a ranch- but they are limited to that ranch only and archery hunters can hunt public lands. Q1- Do they assign ranches for archery hunters? If not-...
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    Colorado leftover frustration

    You want frustrating??? The vendor I use gives us papers with the number we arrive at- so first arrival gets number 1. I'm third in line, and my vendor gives me number 10! What gives?! Well, he was first and all the other employees had numbers 2-7. It's a little bittersweet- they deserve to...
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    Colorado Unit 52 November

    Ok Firedude, that "friend" you mention- is you isn't it? I can ask around for price- but it will be in the Hotchkiss/Paonia area. Cedaredge would be my first area to check if I had cash- but I don't know as many people with land there as I used to.
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    Colorado Unit 52 November

    This... I live in 52- you're going to have to pay. Why get a private tag?!
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    North Colorado Rio/Merriam Hybrid

    Keep tight lipped about that place if it is anywhere near where you are from! When I was in college we struggled to find a place to hunt turkeys up there- se we headed much further south.
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    Turkey Decoys

    DaveHawk, That looks amazing. "I didn't put much into this one"- money or skill? Because I don't have much money, and I have even less artistic skill.
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    First father/son double!

    Let me start out saying that I was super proud of the kid when he shot his first turkey two seasons ago at the age of 7. He has always been a "weird" kid- learned how to cast a pole before he could jump on two feet, tied flies instead of playing with basketballs/soccerballs, just loved...
  12. Boy and tom

    Boy and tom

  13. Home with turkeys

    Home with turkeys

  14. Double!


  15. Kid and 2 birds

    Kid and 2 birds

  16. Champ and Bull

    Champ and Bull

  17. 2015 Bull

    2015 Bull

  18. 2015 Bull

    2015 Bull

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    OTC Colorado Archery Hunting Partner

    I hunt units 62 to 521 all the time, and a couple others because they are close. Ya, they are packed (most are now). I hunted in a few OTC units towards you the last two seasons with family for a few weekends. I'm not going to tell you what units, but if I lived closer I would hunt there...
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    First time Colorado Elk Hunting - 62 or 521 for 1st rifle season?

    I grew up hunting both areas and still hunt them quite often. They are both packed with hunters. You can check the CPW's website for hunter numbers, but you are already on the right track choosing first rifle. You mention the terrain in 521 being difficult... I have packed animals out of 62...