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    Torn CCL?

    My border collie had the tightrope done on both legs. She is 11 now and had the surgeries when she was 5 and 7. She still gets out and is able to work cows just fine and gets around great. She is a little stiff in the mornings but I’d imagine that’s pretty normal for most 11 year old dogs.
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    What drawing is in process?

    Supertag drawings.
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    Dad's 2018 Moose.
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    Elk .... Let's see them!!!

    Wife's first elk. Montana 2017.
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    Antelope...Lets See Them!!!

    Montana 2017
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    Drew MT 652 deer

    PM sent
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    Antelope...Lets See Them!!!

    Montana 2015
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    What is your hunting rig?

    15' Ram 3500 Cummins with 6-speed manual and I love it! Goes anywhere and it doesn't notice my loaded stock trailer or any other trailer behind it. Also have a 94' 2500 Cummins with a manual, but I put a round bale feeder on it so she doesn't leave the farm much anymore. However, I've gotta...
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  10. Sheep Hunting 014

    Sheep Hunting 014

  11. Hunting 209

    Hunting 209

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    Mt sheep unit 424

    I've elk hunted that country my whole life and have religiously ran into numerous sheep. PM me if you want any info.
  19. good times

    good times

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    Taxidermy Training Videos

    I would highly recommend the video series offered by Research Mannikins and TruFitt. I have a large selection of them and find them to be extremely valuable. They are produced by some of the best in the business. Hope this helps.