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  1. Mudranger1

    Vanish and FireTiger's 2019 Journal

    I just realized this too! slippin
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    What States Have You Hunted

    For whitetails Florida Georgia Iowa Kansas Nebraska Virginia Colorado for deer(both whitetail and muleys), elk and antelope Wyoming for antelope
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    Day 5 incision pics

    Stupid ass scooters not good for offroad at all. Keep healing up. The boot is. Better than the scooter but still sucks ass lol.
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    Colorado Deer Unit 80/81

    Good luck 1st of all. my biggest thing is finding them in patterns. I have always located deer in the same general area year after year. I would say try to remember where you have seen them in the past. I know you say its random but more than likely it was not. You were probably just...
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    Vanish and FireTiger's 2019 Journal

    love the dog in a hoodie. lol looks like an excellent time
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    CO draw results

    just a side... I haven't seen this posted yet but if you sign in and hit the view all under orders what you actually drew is up for deer and antelope
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    CO draw results

    I did get our antelope emails this morning ...progress?? Lol
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    CO draw results

    There is not a charge if you just applied for points
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    CO draw results

    so clearly this was some made up BS lol I got my antelope point today....this whole process is ridiculous how hard is it just to release the damn results … rant over
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    CO Draw Results?
  11. Mudranger1

    CO draw results

    Moose pt too. Haha the wait continues
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    Life's advice and phrases....

    All this philosophy...I heard this too often now he wonders why I do things the hard way If you're gonna be dumb you got to be tough..Dad
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    Colorado tag return..

    Just remember you have to do it 30 days before season opens I believe. I would think you would know by then for sure
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    Colorado tag return..

    I was back at work in 1 month working a very physical job that includes walking 4-5 miles daily too. I like you put it off for a while. Now I will say this the rehab was a little more restrictive for my wife (torn labrum) but she likes to follow the rules lol. Now I never did anything i felt...
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    Colorado tag return..

    I'll just put this out there. Couple years ago I had a "bone spur" tear my labrum in my hip. I had it burned down or whatever they do and fixed my tear. I can tell you I felt better the day after I got home. I was running again in a month although the dr did not know... i kept that between...
  16. Mudranger1

    Donating Meat - What are your thought?

    Well we checked a few years ago with local food banks and the majority wouldnt take any wild game. I think 1 would if it was professionally processed within a limited amount of time and you had paperwork or whatnot.. I get they are probably just covering their assets. It would be nice if there...
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    Hello from Laramie, WY

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    Kansas Turkey Adventures

    You're the man! Congrats
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    Colorado Public Land Rio 2019

    Very nice! Love the spurs! I've often wondered tho. Is that 1st season worth the double points of the 2nd ? Ive always had tremendous action 2nd season up there. Congrats
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    Wife got it done!

    Very cool congrats!