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  1. Big Slick

    5 Year Plan for Hunting

    Glass Eye, Coldbay is on my list of things to do before the dirt nap.
  2. Big Slick

    5 Year Plan for Hunting

    I have points in Colorado and Wyoming only.
  3. Big Slick

    5 Year Plan for Hunting

    I have a plan to start using up my points and considering the thought of not big game hunting once my points are gone. I plan on bird hunting as duck hunting is my favorite hunting to do. Does anyone else have thoughts?....
  4. Big Slick

    Landscapes (pics)

  5. Big Slick

    Non hunting bucket list or dreams?

    Machu Picchu..... Kentucky Derby..... Speed Week in Daytona... Not necessarily in that order.
  6. Big Slick

    Zimbabwe - Cape Buffalo

    That looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Big Slick

    1st rifle, GMU 6 questions...

    The Beaver Creek fire went through there a couple of years ago, might check that out.
  8. Big Slick

    Moving to Texas

    Cheers to your new job!
  9. Big Slick

    SF Giants Baseball?

    Where do you think Bumgarner is getting traded to? He may become a Yankee.
  10. Big Slick

    What is the ultimate outdoor job?

    Swedish bikini team sun tan lotion guy.
  11. Big Slick

    Happy Birthday....

    Happy Birthday to jlmathew today! 29 and holding I’m sure. Have a great day, Jason!
  12. Big Slick

    Happy Fathers Day!!

    I hope that all the Fathers here are having a great day with their family. I know some are working or away from home. For those Fathers keep up the good work. Some of us are missing our Fathers. On this day use your good memories from the good days. Nothing better than a good memory to bring a...
  13. Big Slick

    Flag Day....

    Happy Flag Day! This is a picture of the flag at my Dads nursing home. I tried to get a picture of them flying but I didn’t get this photo until the day he past.
  14. Big Slick

    Remembering Friday

    My Dad sang this song quite often after we would cut two or three truck loads of firewood.
  15. Big Slick

    CO Sheep and Goat Raffle

    Is that my phone ringing?.....
  16. Big Slick

    Colorado Lope...

    No....the landowner is not the nicest guy, I’ll leave it at that.
  17. Big Slick

    Colorado Lope...

    He’s in and OTC unit on a ranch that I wouldn’t even ask permission to hunt.