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  1. MTGomer

    First Western Hunt (An internal debate....)

    There’s Plenty of whitetail hunting in montana where you don’t have to worry about private property lines.
  2. MTGomer

    Another Missouri River Breaks thread

    I’m no breaks expert but I have had the most luck by finding elk and then watching them for an evening and morning and then just trying to get ahead of them the following morning or evening.
  3. MTGomer

    Headlamps for under $100

    Another vote for BD. I don’t know what model. I think it was around $60.
  4. MTGomer

    Scouting/Trail camera pics

    A coues thinking about being something wide someday And a bull with a little something to say.
  5. MTGomer

    Washington Post Op/Ed Big Fin mention

    It’s not a lack of understanding. Your inability to write a masters level thesis on nuclear astro physics is due to a lack of understanding. Intentionally misleading and being willing to tell blatant lies to further an agenda, is just that. There is not a lack of understanding. These are highly...
  6. MTGomer

    Family Vehicle

    We had an Expedition for commuting to Stillwater when I worked there. It always made it no matter how snowy. The third row wasn’t bad for what it is. But we usually tried to make the geologists sit there 😃 It had zero maintenance issues at well over 200k miles.
  7. MTGomer

    Some basic "long" range hunting questions

    Depending on the round you’re shooting, what your ‘hunt zero’ should be will vary. For a flat gun it can be 250. That allows you to not really need a holdover at 300 and a minimal one at 350. I think you’ll find that these shots are not necessary often. I’ve killed two animals over 400. 405...
  8. MTGomer

    Wolves in Colorado (officially soon)

    Here’s a newly released podcast you should listen to. One particular quote caught my attention as the guest was challenging Ben’s position that it isn’t about the individual animal and it’s ‘right’ to...
  9. MTGomer

    Old Member, New Name - and a Colorado Muley!

    I was about to report this comment, but Randy is probably flooded with reports. Language like that is for the lesser species of deer.
  10. MTGomer

    Old Member, New Name - and a Colorado Muley!

    Before you know it we’ll have OLDhunter, experiencedhunter, Offpoint, BadBwana, etc. but @Greenhorn will always be Greenhorn.
  11. MTGomer

    Kuiu Ultra Star 1p Tent $160

    It’s a tent, not a blind. 🤪
  12. MTGomer

    Goat tag area 323 MT

    Check the search function or scroll through the big 3 threads, and you’ll find a few conversations on that unit. One current one.
  13. MTGomer

    Kuiu Ultra Star 1p Tent $160

    I’m selling this Kuiu 1 man tent. It is in good condition. There are no rips or tears, the zipper functions and the guy lines are all intact. It has never been stored wet and is always hung loose in the garage to dry any condensation after every trip. The tent has been used. It may have a...
  14. MTGomer

    antler growth finish ?

    The Raffle bull was killed in AZ today or yesterday at 440” Not bad for July 14.
  15. MTGomer

    Missouri Breaks Scouting

    I’m convinced the best way to hunt the breaks is by parking your truck and boat trailer at a ramp service by a gravel (not gumbo) road and hunting from a boat. Not that I’ve done this, but I’be always been envious of the guys not worried sick about rain. I have taken an ATV and parked my...
  16. MTGomer

    Wolves in Colorado (officially soon)
  17. MTGomer

    Wolves in Colorado (officially soon)

    Hit a little too close to your loyalties? 😉
  18. MTGomer

    Wolves in Colorado (officially soon)

    Bingo. I have been looking at public comments on past management proposals and designations in different places. As just one example: in the Sonoran Desert National Monument, you will find groups that submitted comments advocating for the removal of wildlife waters because they degrade the...
  19. MTGomer

    Another reason to hate ticks!

    They go away when it dries out. Try May
  20. MTGomer

    Archery elk gear budget allocation

    That’s a lot toward an inreach. I bought one used on eBay for $120 and have had it for 3 years now with no issues.