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    Book recommendations?

    I'll second what Europe wrote, except that I'm not a fan of Jack London's writings. I also like Faulkner's works. Try some of Rudyard Kippling's stuff. Russell Annabel is definitely worth looking into for American hunting/outdoor stories. Capstick is a must read for the African stuff and I...
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    Washington Post Op/Ed Big Fin mention

    If you read it while listening to a sad violin solo it all makes sense. Typical Washington elitist.
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    2 way radios (not hunting related)

    If he is looking for radios for 6 people relaying between people is probably not going to be a problem. The guys I bear hunt with run bases in vehicles and Yaesu handhelds on foot. Sometimes someone will be out of range for a bit but coms are usually uninterrupted. If things become...
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    Fishing Boats

    Too much depends on where you will be fishing and what you will be fishing for. I have an old 16' flat bottom with a 40hp outboard and a troller on the front. It works very well around here for the kind of fishing I do. I can bang it off of logs, pull it up onto rocks and sand and run it in...
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    2 way radios (not hunting related)

    Pretty hard to beat plain old CB radios for what you are doing.
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    Trad Guys! What Fletching Configuration Do You Use?

    Don't overthink it. I had an acquaintance once upon a time who made self bows and was serious competitor in the area stick bow tournaments. He once told me "if your arrow is perfectly spined (an impossibility) it will fly just fine without fletching." I always used shield cut 4" turkey...
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    Forum stats on shooting distances and positions!

    I will include animals my kids have shot recently on the list because I'd have a hard time remembering the last few shots I've made. Me: Whitetail, offhand, 10-15yds, 2 shots, 20ga, bolt action slug gun. Son: Whitetail, sitting supported, 60-70yds, 1 shot, 20ga, break action slug gun...
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    NAP Quicktune 360 arrow rests

    My daughter's girl scout troop had these and they won't mount to the bows they have. I was asked to sell them for the troop. All money goes to the Girl Scouts except shipping. These are all brand new in the factory packaging. I have four for sale. $25 each shipped in the continental USA...
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    NRA On The Hot Seat - Exposed or Attacked?

    They just keep digging. Seems that now they are censuring members of the board. This is from Tim Knight's facebook page. "??And now the retribution: Because I publicly expressed concern over current NRA management’s leadership and spurious spending, I am being punished. It has come down from...
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    An idea to make public lands more profitable

    The BLM's annual budget is 1.1 billion dollars. My taxes pay for that budget. Now you want me to pay more taxes to actually use the land that I already pay for? And how much should I pay? $5 per night? Why not $10? Hell lets make it $50. Don't pretend that this would somehow support and...
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    Wall Tenting in WY Unit 26

    I'll be out there with you this fall. Unfortunately there aren't many good camping spots in 26. I'll PM you with some ideas though.
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    An idea to make public lands more profitable

    I pay enough fines, fees, taxes, licensures and bribes to the "crown".
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    Collapsible fishing rod

    I have a 3 piece rod that I took on a couple of fly in hunts to Alaska, it worked well. It is a Cabela's brand but was purchased many years ago and I don't know if they still carry it.
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    NRA On The Hot Seat - Exposed or Attacked?

    But wait, there's more: So basically the NRA is suing to prevent Oliver North from using NRA funds to pay for legal fees associated with subpoenas resulting from his actions as NRA president.
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    NRA On The Hot Seat - Exposed or Attacked?

    More fodder: "The palace intrigue at the National Rifle Association deepened on Thursday as the gun group suspended its second-in-command and...
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    My son is going on his first antelope hunt this fall.
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    Taxidermy and Storage

    Carpet beetles (a type of dermestid) are pretty common in many parts of the country and will destroy a mount if they can get to it.
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    On the cheap?

    I hiked and camped for years out of an army surplus ALICE pack and old down sleeping bag. You can do it cheap. You are simply trading money for comfort. Cheap stuff will be heavier and less comfortable to use, and may not last as long (but I still have that old ALICE pack and it still has a...
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    CO draw results

    My daughter drew a muzzleloader tag for her first elk hunt. Now the work begins.
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    Hunting is causing lion attacks on humans

    "Some experts". Don't most lion attacks occur in Commiefornia? Where hunting them is all together banned?