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  1. Mallardsx2

    Super Glue in Inserts?

    Been using it for 25 years. I shoot a lot.
  2. Mallardsx2

    Ducks Unlimited Credit Card

    Dont go to Canada with a DU sticker on your truck. I know that for sure.
  3. Mallardsx2

    Mt.zerkil wilderness

    And one more thing. The guy hunted far and deep and said he rarely saw a soul.
  4. Mallardsx2

    Mt.zerkil wilderness

    Know a guy who hunted in there on the first 5 days of the season every year in archery and he killed a bull by spot and stalk every year above timberline for something like 14 years.. 2 years in a row he killed a bull in the first 20 minutes of the season. Hes too old to hunt there now.
  5. Mallardsx2

    Delta NF in Mississippi Under Water

    Water is powerful and does what it always wants to do. Its a shame to see how this is playing out for you folks down there.
  6. Mallardsx2

    Case Lube

    Tumble your brass and when thats done Steel wool your cases for a second to make sure you have no burs or crap on your case and then wipe them with a rag. Then use Readings Imperial sizing wax. You problems should end.
  7. Mallardsx2

    5-Year Big Game Season Structure alternatives

    Honestly my main concerns are with the hunter overcrowding in the archery seasons and the rise in point creep. -I would like to see Archery go to a limited entry draw requiring preference points where necessary. -I would like to see all of the second choice licenses also require the use of...
  8. Mallardsx2

    5-Year Big Game Season Structure alternatives

    So i.e. it is addressed in a round about way. lol
  9. Mallardsx2

    5-Year Big Game Season Structure alternatives

    So basically they are not addressing any of my personal concerns and most of the other peoples concerns. They have to do something about the flood gates of the OTC hunters and the rise in point creep across the state. This isn't addressing any of that. Its all about the money folks. Know that.
  10. Mallardsx2

    The Straw the Broke the Camels Back (Fords....)

    Fords used to be great trucks. My dad had a 1986 Bronco (Pre-OJ) Badass vehicle. Straight 6. Locking hubs. It was a 2 door badass. I would touch a Ford these days. They are strictly chick trucks as best.
  11. Mallardsx2

    Ontario Fly in Moose???

    It was a simple question, I'll give you that.
  12. Mallardsx2

    Ontario Fly in Moose???

    Few of the bulls.
  13. Mallardsx2

    Ontario Fly in Moose???

    I have been there 6 times on Fly-in DIY Archery moose hunts. Few things you need: 2 Pairs of Knee high Rubber Boots 1 Pair of packable chest waders ( I never used these one time but I always had them with me) 100 feet of heavy duty rope. Several knives that are easily sharpened. Take fishing...
  14. Mallardsx2

    Career Advice

    If you are not licensed, get your license. (IMHO degrees mean nothing to a firm. Proessional Licenses do) After that you can find a firm that will let you work from home 8 hours a day and make a very comfortable living. Most people would dream to have that. You will find out that you'll...
  15. Mallardsx2

    Off the shelf muzzleloader recommendations?

    CVA MR NITRIDE. You wont regret it.
  16. Mallardsx2

    Harvesting Wildlife

    Its not harvesting. Its killing. I hate it when people say harvesting. Really annoying.
  17. Mallardsx2

    What happened to Knight?

    Too bad too cause it was a super sweet gun. Other than the numerous problems it had.
  18. Mallardsx2

    What happened to Knight?

    I got rid of my knight ultra-lite rifle and I would never own another. I had major problems with it and their customer service is HORRIBLE.
  19. Mallardsx2

    Trump admin expanding access on national refuges

    Anyone have a link to exactly what is now open for what? More specifically what is open to what that wasnt open to what earlier. Pm it to me please.