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  1. NV_ARCH3R

    Jeep Gladiator

    I'd rather see them bring back the Jeep FC (Forward Control)
  2. NV_ARCH3R

    Government Waste: Mustangs

    If the preservation people are insistent they are "Wild" horses instead of just feral horses, it may be time to agree , and turn them over to Fish and game to manage. Sell tags to harvest, any manor kill or capture. They could match estimated caring capacity with harvest limits in an area. As...
  3. NV_ARCH3R

    Az spring draws

    AZ web site says I'm still pending, Have to call my brother, used his card for the app fees
  4. NV_ARCH3R

    Public Land Hogs

    Looking for another hunting opportunity, Are there any public land hog hunts in the west besides California? Not interested enough to make the trip to the South\Southeast.
  5. NV_ARCH3R

    Cow Elk Hunt unit 72 Jarbridge NV

    I don't think it's even reached the west side of the Wilderness. they're just being very cautious, as when the fire does run they can't stop it, but it's started to cool off here so they should have a better chance of containing it.
  6. NV_ARCH3R

    Cow Elk Hunt unit 72 Jarbridge NV

    From Facebook 8/26/2018 Nevada Department of Wildlife 1 hr · ... Update on the Sugarloaf Fire burning in Northern Elko County: The USFS is now recommending hunters leave the Jarbidge area. Due to extreme wind, fire behavior and smoke, the fire is at times moving up to 10 MPH. This is now...
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    Cow tag Nevada Unit 72 mid

    Keep an eye on the South Sugarloaf fire NDOW is recommending hunters to leave the area because the fire is pushing east towards Jarbidge From Facebook 8/26/2018 Nevada Department of Wildlife 1 hr · ... Update on the Sugarloaf Fire burning in Northern Elko County: The USFS is now...
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    Cow Elk Hunt unit 72 Jarbridge NV

    Keep an eye on the South Sugarloaf fire. NDOW is recommending hunters stay out of the area, because the fire is being driven east towards the area
  9. NV_ARCH3R

    South Sugarloaf Fire

    Didn't search the threads to see if someone already posted this. USFS, and NDOW is recommending hunters stay out of the Jarbidge area due to the South Sugarloaf fire having jumped Highway 225 and being driven east. the below is from Facebook Nevada Department of Wildlife 1 hr · ... Update on...
  10. NV_ARCH3R

    "NO Campfires"

    Maybe in the long term but not in the short term, especially if it takes out their winter range. I believe the biggest problem has been the insistence if putting out all fires over the past decades. My opinion they should let them burn and just protect structures, etc. The problem with that, the...
  11. NV_ARCH3R

    "NO Campfires"

    Early season hunts are opening, and for all planning on being out here in the west. Please no campfires, and be careful with anything with a flame. I know part of the hunt experience is sitting around a fire at the end of the day and telling lies about the days events. But with the high fuel...
  12. NV_ARCH3R

    NE Nevada Hunter Looking for Whitetail

    I'm out of NE Nevada, decided I want to try for a whitetail in the next few years. Considering travel, deer numbers, access, tags (OTC/permit) What would be some of my best options??
  13. NV_ARCH3R

    What did/do you do with your bears?

    Just took my second bear to the taxidermist. After talking with him I went with another rug, The fur is the primary when mounting a bear. If the fur is all good a full body or rug (rug cheaper). No sense in throwing away good fur. If its been rubbed, so there bald spots then maybe consider some...
  14. NV_ARCH3R

    Barnes all around 06 round

    Thanks all. I was leaning towards something around the 165/168 range. I find it hard to drop to the 130/150 when I think of bigger game. When I was hunting with the 06 it was generally recommended 150 for antelope, 165 for deer, and 180 for elk. With what I've been reading in the forum I thought...
  15. NV_ARCH3R

    Barnes all around 06 round

    I used to reload 20 years ago, and my 06 really liked the Barnes bullets. Made the move to archery, but broke out the rifle again lately. I don't reload anymore but am looking for a good "all around" Barnes round. Antelope to Elk\Bear. I 'm not one to shoot past 300 yds.
  16. NV_ARCH3R

    Nevada Results Starting to Post

    Early archery antlered deer area 10. nothing else.
  17. NV_ARCH3R

    Idaho 2018 Spot and stalk results and question for 2019

    Just got back from Idaho on a spot and stalk bear hunt. Brought home a red bear, not overly big but the only bear we saw. Photo is the bear I got. I did find what I think would be a good bait location. Thought I might try that next spring. Anybody have variations for bait barrels, other than the...
  18. NV_ARCH3R

    Elk Calls and Calling

    I wouldn't worry too much about making the perfect cow call, or bugle. If you've actually heard the real thing in the wild you would be surprised at all the variations, and sometimes down right weird sounds they can make. Couple years ago in the Jarbidge, I'm sure it was just a young spike, but...
  19. NV_ARCH3R

    Toy hauler hunting camper

    Just one 4whler in the trailer, could have another in the back of a pickup. It's designed for a couple with small kids. The front upper bunk is too small for anyone but a small child. I use it for storage food, cooking utensils etc. will sleep 2 using the included beds, 3 if a cot is used, or 4...
  20. NV_ARCH3R

    Toy hauler hunting camper

    Wolf Pup 17RP, not the most well built trailer but I've had mine 4 years and it works for what I want. I added a few things to the interior, coat hooks, privacy curtain etc.