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  1. cgarner

    Proper Meat Care for Antelope

    Kill it, cool it in whichever manner blows your skirt up, eat it and enjoy.
  2. cgarner


    I plan to plant some hops this year. Transferred the Citra IPA to the secondary fermenter and it smells amazing. Plan to dry hop it in 5 days and then keg it 5 days later.
  3. cgarner


    That stout sounds delicious.
  4. cgarner

    The running of the bulls

    I think my statement about the humane treatment of all animals speaks for itself. It is pretty self-explanatory... ALL ANIMALS.
  5. cgarner


    brewed an imperial IPA, citra IPA, and Kolsch over the last couple of weeks. The wait is killing me
  6. cgarner

    SMOKER: electric or propane

    Everyone I know have electric smokers. I plan to get one as soon as I finish building out my garage brewery. Too many toys.
  7. cgarner

    Wyoming Leftover Draw Results

    Got the same as last year. Now the work begins.
  8. cgarner

    The running of the bulls

    I was raised to treat all animals (domestic and wild) with respect. That being said I can't support the bullfight. If you want to kill something and eat it, don't belabor the process. Get it over quick and as painless as possible.
  9. cgarner

    WY - Preventing Getting Rained In

    Park on gravel and walk from there.
  10. cgarner

    My new ride

    Nice truck.
  11. cgarner

    What's on the smoker today?

    Looks good already.
  12. cgarner

    WY - Preventing Getting Rained In

    Park and walk.
  13. cgarner

    First hunt, new partner, first bear

    Awesome way to spend time with a new hunting partner.
  14. cgarner

    Family Vehicle

    My buddy just bought a Ram 1500 with 4 full-size doors with bench seats. He sits 6. Probably not as comfy as a large SUV but it works.
  15. cgarner

    Oh yes Wyoming

    Drew my antelope tags in the same unit as last year. Drew my cow elk tag in a new unit. Should be a fun season.
  16. cgarner

    The recovery of Yellowstone Lake

    Great story. Glad to hear that the cutthroat trout populations are rebounding. A penny invested to conserve a species and keep it off the endangered species list is worth thousands of dollars in the long run.
  17. cgarner

    Bear rug

    very nice. I want a buffalo skin for the bed but the boss said no.
  18. cgarner


    I wish I could sleep past 7am.