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    A Poor Elk Hunter With A Good Elk Tag

    Congratulations! Enjoy every minute!
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    Elk back from the taxidermist

    Looks Awesome! Congratulations!
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    Arizona Draw

    Congratulations Dan! Very happy for you! Thank you for your past help!
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    My late Kaibab Buck.

    Great Buck! Congratulations!
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    Arizona Deer...

    Great Buck and Great Pictures! Congratulations
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    John and Chris’s 2019 Roosevelt Adventures

    You will enjoy your Hunt! if you spend that much time scouting you will be in the elk all season. Great pictures.
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    Chasing elk in the Bighorns...

    Great story, Congratulations on your Bull!
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    Need Help Planning a 2019 North Idaho Elk Hunt

    Thank You for your Service! Rifle or Archery? Look at: Idaho hunt Planer. Google Earth. ONX Map Talk to Unit Biologist with a map in your hand. Scout as much as possible. Like Idhikker stated, thick vegetation. if you find tracks, food and water you will be good.
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    First Elk Hunt

    That is Awesome! Congratulations on your first Elk!
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    I Could Use Some General Montana Elk Advice

    Agree with the above. If I was trying to fill the freezer, I would rather hunt 1 day in a unit I know over 3 days in one I don’t know.
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    I do want your honey holes and your secrets!

    Awesome Bull! Congratulations.
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    Colorado 1st Hunt Success

    Awesome! Congratulations on a great Bull!
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    Good Bull

    Beautiful Bull!
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    Wyoming results

    Congratulations to all that drew!
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    point creep in colorado??

    That is awesome! Congratulations.
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    Kentucky Elk Hunting (Just drew bull tag)

    Welcome and CONGRATULATIONS on a incredible tag!
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    Got my antelope back from the taxidermist

    WOW! That is really Nice!
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    The journey is complete; got my elk back!

    looks Great!
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    Kenetrek Mountain Extremes?

    Khunter, here is what they did. New soles, patched the rubber band at bottom of boot, the leather just above the heel was worn out (patched with new leather), new inserts, new laces. $175. I wish i wouldn't have thrown out my first two pair. i could have saved myself some $.
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    Kenetrek Mountain Extremes?

    Depends, I am on my forth pair. 3 were like slippers, 1 pair took a couple days. BUT I installed inserts in them. That probably was the difference. Just had one pair rebuilt. Came back awesome