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    For Sale 7mm Stw brass

    Anybody looking for brass ? I have two bags of 20 New Bertram . I would take $ 75.00 for both . I also have some once fired stuff . I bought a rifle for a 338 edge build and got a box of reloading stuff with it . Brass some 150 gr. Bullets , dies If interested let me know . Maybe trade ? Or...

    Montana Super tag drawing

    Anybody get in on the draw ? I'm crossing my fingers ! We will see what happens. Good luck to all that applied ! MT.PERCHMAN

    One Year Anniversary today !!

    Well today is my one Year Anniversary of my Open Heart Surgery. I'm not going to lie it's been hell at times . With the help and support of my Family and Friends I have pushed through this year just fine . Life sends us some curve balls at times for sure . I'm just lucky to be here the...

    Scope Ring help , 55 moa base

    Ok guys I need some help . I have a Remington action Heavy Palma 30 " plus brake Kreiger barrel and a 55 moa base . It's a 338 Edge I want to put on a Vortex Razor 5x 20 x50 with sun shade and scope covers . I'm wondering if 1.26 vortex rings or a vortex uni mount 1.57 to center of scope...

    Montana big four draw coming up soon !

    Well I'm excited for this year's draw ! I'm not sure why because it's like winning the lottery I guess. Almost impossible to draw one of these tags ! It does happen and just maybe it's in the cards this year ! Anyway good luck to all this coming week !! MT.PERCHMAN

    Refund for Montana ??

    So I get home tonight and there is a 4:00 check from Mt.Fish&Game ? I never remember get one before or am I just being forgetful.. Help me Please !! Thanks in advance. MT.PERCHMAN

    Montana Mt.Goat

    Unit 316-20 question I relize it's very hard to draw this tag but I'm wondering about my ability to take on this hunt if drawn ? Little info about me , 55 excellent shape except for Open Heart Surgery last summer . I'm almost %100 back to normal . I would push myself to be the best fit for...

    Montana 2019 Spring Bear Season

    If anybody followed our hunt last Spring it was full of ups and downs to say the least . This year will bring challenges I'm sure . There will be three of us on the hunt for a Bear this year ! My son is ready to give it a try . We have some spots in mind and will be looking them over very soon...

    Montana tag Draw

    So the wait has begun ... Its something I look forward to every spring ! Did I just win a point? Or am I going on a Special Tag hunt !! It's only 22 days away for the good news either way . What do you hope for this year ? I'm happy either way after my Open Heart Surgery last summer I look...

    WTB 338 Edge dies

    Looking for a set of 338 Edge dies Thanks

    Mt. Antelope Unit 500

    Well my son and I drew tags this year and I wondering how the Animals are doing this year ? We have never hunted this area and I'm still not back to full health yet with this Open Heart Surgery this summer . This will be our first Antelope hunt ever , I'm hoping he gets one ! It dont matter to...

    Favorite Pronghorn round ?

    My Son will use his Grandpa's 243 to honor him . I'm still undecided what to hunt with . What is your set up ?

    Montana Pronghorn draw next week !

    I'm excited to see what happens ! I put my Son and myself in for a draw , first time for both of us ! If we draw I sure hope im healed up by then to shoot !! I didn't plan on open heart Surgery this summer . Best of luck to all that applied !! The waiting is the hard part !!

    7mm rem mag trade for a 6.5 creedmore ?

    Ok I have a Remington 7mm mag Stainless Sendero , fluted in 98% condition. Shot less than 45 times . In factory condition . Un touched / changed . Looking for a Stainless 6.5 creedmore ?? I can add leupold mounts for the 7mm . Anybody in or Close to Montana interested send me a P.M. Thanks...

    Life after a Heart Attac / Surgery

    Hello everybody! I wouldn't think I would ever post such a post ! On May 25 th. I went to the ER with bad chest pains . Dr. tells me your in good health we should be able to do a Heart Cath and put in a stent if needed . Well it turns out I have a left main artery is 95 % blocked , I'm in...

    Unit 200 for Montana Bears

    I'm thinking about a crazy Run down there for a last min. Bear hunt . Anybody hunt that country ? Good or bad for Bears ?? Im limited to a long day trip/hunt . Would it be worth a try ?? Thanks for any info!!

    Montana Spring Bear Hunting

    Well took my wife out Sunday for a little Bear hunting . Put some miles on the boots but no Bear . We did get lucky though ...we both found some Mushrooms and a few Ticks ! It was great to get out anyway . Back at it soon ! I will post as the Progress unfolds ! Good luck all !!

    6.5 x 300 Weatherby

    For Sale brand new in the box 6.5 x 300 weatherby . Mk V ultra light with brake . Tan stock / black barrel Please PM for pictures . $ 1850.00

    Option on a 6.5 x 300 Weatherby

    I took a brand new 6.5 x 300 in on trade for some extra work . I'm not sure what to do with it , I have plenty of rifles at this point I hunt with [ 4 Rums ! ]. What is your thoughts , sell , trade or keep and shoot it . Thanks !!

    Michigan Opener

    Best of luck to all you hunters ! I have been out of state for 11 years enjoying the Montana Mountains. Back home in Good old Michigan . My father in law is very Ill and it was time to be back with family. I hope to enjoy hunting with friends and family again ...miss the deer camp that's for...