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  1. Blacktailbc

    X bolt trigger.

    Installed the mcarbo trigger spring in my stainless stalker. Kind of a pain, but did lighten up the trigger quite a bit. Overall I'm happy with it, especially since it's minimal cost .
  2. Blacktailbc

    Wilderness Area montage

    Trinity Alps Wilderness. Northern CA
  3. Blacktailbc

    Honeymoon Hunt Help in Colorado. Updated post.

    You might also consider muzzleloader season......nice time to be in the rockies, and the colors are awesome. Vail, Telluride, Durango, Ouray, Silverton, all worth checking out. Throw Marble and Glenwood Springs in there too.
  4. Blacktailbc

    Moving from KS ---> San Diego, CA

    Buy your lifetime Kansas license. Take up ocean sportfishing. You will be right there, and it is better than the hunting in CA. Hunting the military bases is a good suggestion. Look into Arizona for big game. Its not too far away. Start building points for the "X zones". Some of the easier to...
  5. Blacktailbc

    Retire in Wyoming?

    Lander seems nice . The right size IMO & in my experience a little less windy.
  6. Blacktailbc

    2018 Deer Season

    Good lookin deer. Congrats !
  7. Blacktailbc

    My 2018 deer hunt (first buck!)

    Nicely done.
  8. Blacktailbc

    My new go to rifle.

    You will appreciate the higher power of the 3-15 out west.
  9. Blacktailbc

    Great North Kaibab Deer Hunt of 2018

    Well done. Looks like a fun hunt
  10. Blacktailbc

    Bergara B14 Ridge Accubond load development

    Might try IMR 7977 and Reloader 26 also
  11. Blacktailbc

    Arizona Unit 1 Elk Late Hunt

    It was a fun hunt, saw tons of elk. Got there 3 days early. Hunted hard for 8 days. Never laid eyes on a bull over 300" Saw very few 6 pts in general. Tons of raghorn bulls. Sounds like it was kind of a dry year in Arizona. Took this bull on the second to last day. Thanks to the hunttalkers...
  12. Blacktailbc

    To chamber, or not to chamber? That is the question.

    No. All over the west
  13. Blacktailbc

    To chamber, or not to chamber? That is the question.

    No. All over the west
  14. Blacktailbc

    Rings for my new VX-5

    Talley lightweight rings. With the one piece base/ring
  15. Blacktailbc

    Rifle for the Wife

    X bolt 6.5 creedmoor
  16. Blacktailbc

    This Fire Really Sounds Bad

    The "hopscotch" or random nature of destruction you describe is mainly from spotting. The amount of embers generated during these wind events is unreal. The combination of strong winds with thousands of embers and not enough firefighters leads to this. Even fire resistive houses were destroyed...
  17. Blacktailbc

    Black Hills South Dakota- Do I need a quad?

    For those that have hunted the Black Hills in South Dakota. How are the roads/trails? Should I bring a sidexside or quad to get around? Or is it fine for a 4x4 SUV? Thanks Buck
  18. Blacktailbc

    Taking a kid to Church

    Awesome! It's only downhill from that hunt ��
  19. Blacktailbc

    Some Happy Folks Out There Today

    Saw 31 unit 61 1st season elk tags show up on the Colorado leftover list today. Some happy hunters that can drop everything and go. Good luck to the guys/gals that picked one up.
  20. Blacktailbc

    I could use some prayers sent right now.

    Ugh. Sorry . Prayers sent