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    220 swift bench die, Norma swift brass and 22cal berger bullets

    Foster 220 swift bench rest die. $40 Norma 220 swift brass(new) 100ct. $80 Berger 22cal 52gn varmit moly, 427 count. $120 Shipped prices
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    6.5 bullets

    6.5 Nosler RDF 140g- 50 ct. $15 6.5 berger140g vld target- 17 ct. $7 6.5 hornady 140 spire point- 100 ct. $25 6.5 Speer 140 Spitzer -97 ct. $17 6.5 Barnes match burner 140g BT Match- 53 ct. $15 All are Moly coated, straight moly no wax. Shipped prices
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    Phone skope Sansung Galaxy S8 Active, Vanguard adapter

    New in carry bag . Phone scope case for Samsung Galaxy S8 Active $45 shipped($50 new plus shipping).... 3 available Adapter C3-061-i/a - fits Vanguard Endeavor HD and XF Spotting Scopes $25 shipped ($30 new plus shipping)..3 available
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    SOLD......Nightforce nxs 3.5-15x50

    Nightforce nxs 3.5-15x50 with rings. Safe queen. Coming off a .220 swift with less than 200 rds....... Looking at the serial number P05495, it's a 2004 nxs C131. it's 3.5-15x50. It has a flat top elevation turret so its non ZeroStop model that has 10 MOA per rotation. It has a NP-R2 reticle...
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    New to this group from NE wyo

    Hey there, im new to this group. Same username as 24hourcampfire and rokslide, magnum44270. Born in raised in Wi and currently reside NE Wyo for the last 5 years. Combat rescue AF vet. And current LEO.
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    sold...Rem 700 ETRONX .220 swift

    Up for sale is the worlds fastest gun. Remington 700 ETRONX in 220 Swift. 26 inch fluted sendero barrel. Low round count. Tack driver. Fastest caliber, fastest gun..... Comes with heavy duty custom fit pelican case. ...Nightforce nxs 3.5-15x50 can be included for $1500 extra....$900 for rifle...