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    Boise Idaho lodging

    Who is he working for? It's terribly tough housing market right now. And everyone has their greedy hands stretched out wide trying to rake it in.
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    Ticks/ Snowmelt questions

    Everywhere we've been this season they are bad here. Especially if you get into heavy brush. Dog is a daily deal pulling them off of him. So far haven't found any on us. Above 7,000 feet the snow is still on and some days there is more snow coming. It's slowly coming off. Travel between the...
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    Deck staining time

    Tried Behr don't waste your money it sure didn't stand up to what it should have. Went to Cabot Australian wood oil in the mahogany flame oil color. The Behr I used last year on the back decks are already peeling.
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    Cost of maintaining a horse.

    Back in the 60's we figured $3.00 a day and that was with our own ground. I would consider nothing short of $10.00 a day probably higher. Don't figure a monthly fee figure daily cost. And everyone seems to think they have a direct bloodline to Man O' War. Would love to have horses again but...
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    Heartworms in Dogs in Montana

    If you have never done heart worm treatments. The first time you need to go in and have blood drawn to make sure they don't have heart worms. When you kill the worms off they will flood the heart and kill your dog. After the blood test then you can treat your dog and you should stay on the...
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    How's the weather where you are?

    Central Idaho is very cold and snow everywhere. Just watched the ag weather and March isn't looking good. Below normal temps and very wet and even snow fall for most of the state. If that happens there will be no early getting into the woods for bear hunting by vehicles. Last couple of days we...
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    x-bolt stalker vs x-bolt hunter opinions

    Bought the X-bolt long range in the 26" barrel in 6.5 still trying to get everything dialed in. But so far no problems other than carrying it in a Toyota. Enjoying shooting it and it isn't tearing up my shoulder and I'm not flinchie like I have been with the .270 Weatherby. If nothing else I can...
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    Like you Europe, I've had a lot of dogs over the years and it was their personality that made them. Each dog had his/her own speciality for what we do. Right now we have a black mouth cur but with a lot of other things thrown in. He is one of the most natural hunters we've ever had. He'll do...
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    Anybody a wildland firefighter?

    Don't even think about woodland fire jobs with the Forest Service or BLM. It's all to political. Run Far Run Fast and DON"T look back. 40 years in wild land fire. Getting a permanent position is very hard now a days. Going up the ladder won't be over night and you can only go so far with out...
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    Motorcycle Suggestions

    Find yourself a small used car. There is no way in heaven I'd ride a motorcycle in Boise now a days. I stopped riding in Boise over 30 years ago. One day while in town came close to 7 times being hit. That was enough for me. And 30 years ago there wasn't anyone on the roads compared too today.
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    Best place to live in WY MT ID?

    Idaho's public schools for the most part suck! Property taxes are high and growing. Gas is higher than most other states. Health care can be good but there is a health gap big time and health care insurance is high. Hunting is becoming over crowded. Those of you who have moved here in the last...
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    Meat Grinder

    We have 2 of Cabelas grinders. The first one was a 3/4 horse and it did good. Tended to get a little hot. So went and got a 1horse motor for the second one and it does a lot better. Either one is good. But if you have a elk or two to process or 2 of anything get the 1 horse grinder. Better to...
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    Women’s hunting apparel

    Got into First Lite last couple of years really like their clothing. But! I do not buy women's cut clothing. I find the shirts usually aren't wide enough in the shoulders and I feel I'm not out there to impress the deer and elk. But have Cabela's items, bought some great sweaters from Costco for...
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    Looking for a little help on a dog decision

    Go with the Griffon. Friends have had them for years. They are a great hunting dog for birds and my friends dog even hunts waterfowl. They will make a great family dog. You won't like a blue tick. Have had hounds and they actually are great family dogs but they have energy and they take training...
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    Prospect Fire

    September 27 Image options: [ Full Size ] The Prospect Fire, on the Middle Fork Ranger District, was reported on September 25th at approximately 4:00 pm. The fire is burning in timber, in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness in steep, inaccessible terrain. The fire was estimated at...
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    Prospect Fire

    New fire starting and growing now. It's located 1 mile north of Morgan Ranch/Middle Fork area. Expect trail area closures. If you're headed into that area of the "Frank" might want to check with the Salmon/Challis Forest or Boise national forest for closures.
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    Making friends after a move

    It will depend on what part of Idaho you move to. If it's Boise good luck it's now a sewer and everyone (to me) is self centered and living to fast a life. There are gangs in SW Idaho, drugs, shootings (weekly) major wrecks all the time. For the amount of people moving in the infra structure...
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    New Boots

    Ohhhh, new boots. I love new boots. I have 3 or so pairs of Kenetreks. Only boot that they make a mens 7 wide to fit my feet. Women's boot usually come in a C width. To narrow for me. You'll love them.
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    Who here uses trekking poles?

    Since knee and hip surgery I won't go anywhere without a trekking pole of some kind. Even if I have to use my shooting sticks. But prefer trekking pole(s). To unstable now and my age isn't helping with the balancing act.
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    Is this a weird year for elk?

    Anymore it's always hot temps in Idaho in Sept. Can't remember the last time we actually had a cool Sept. Been here for 60 years and I think I know the climate at least in the south half of the state.