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    Winchester model 70 stainless boss ?

    I'm curious also, i'll check to see what is on the barrel and the serial number and report back.
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    Winchester model 70 stainless boss ?

    My uncle has a hardly used older Model 70 in .270 with a Leupold Vari x II 3.5x10 mounted on it. he wants to sell it. I looked at Gunbroker but cant find the same setup for a comparison. I'd say the Boss on the barrel is probably a deterrent to most but I'm not a Winchester guy so maybe...
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    Alaska black bear tag!

    I have not checked into cost yet. I think I know who I want to use to fly to the Island but I'm not sure on prices as they are not listed on the website. I'll probably call soon.
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    Alaska black bear tag!

    will be going April/May 2020. glad too have over a year to plan this. will be DIY hunt so I have a lot to think about. Studying all the Fresh tracks black bear hunts now. Actually woke up this morning at 0340 and couldn't stop thinking of all the planning I have to do
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    Alaska black bear tag!

    I'm super excited, after years of watching Randy hunt SE Alaska black bears I put my name in the hat and drew a tag. I cannot wait! I will be hunting Kuiu island. This will be my first Alaska hunt and my first bear hunt. I look forward to sharing my experience with you all come next year.
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    Howa Alpine/Kuiu 308 bullet preference?

    mine really likes 165g trophy bonded tips, prints well under 1" moa, didn't like the 180's at all. but will shoot 180 nosler partition sellier and bellot that is slower 2400fps under an inch. zeroed the rifle with 150g Winchester super x and it shot sub moa also.
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    Just got a Christensen Arms Ridgeline in .308, for anyone that has this rifle.......

    i was in your same boat and went with the 165g Federal premium trophy bonded tip. my rifle liked it a lot better than the 180g offering. easily sub MOA 5 shots groups. I've shot multiple deer both big and small and it performed very well. I have no doubt it will work very well on Elk as...
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    Browning vs. Savage, Tikka

    agree all 3 are accurate. I own a browning and a couple savages and both are very accurate. make sure you check out the other features that you may like or dislike. example. all Tikka's are long action even if you buy a short action caliber. I didn't like that so I passed on the tikka in...
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    DIY Spring black bear

    I'm in the process of putting in an application for a Southeast Alaska Spring black bear tag as a non resident. the website says I need to buy a hunting license before I put in the application. I can choose 3 different years for the hunting license. 2018-2019- or 2020. would I be right in...
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    creedmore vs 308 article and cyber monday deal on creedmore

    the 7mm-08 and 6.5cm are basically the same and are identical with 140g accubonds at 500yards
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    creedmore vs 308 article and cyber monday deal on creedmore

    the article says the 6.5 creed is FAAAAR superior to the .308 and is just barely superior for real world hunting. Not to mention I just looked up the 7mm-8 vs the 6.5 cm. on the Federal website. both 140 nosler accubonds, this shows the 7mm-08 is actually flatter and with better velocity...
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    Tag Stew-Full Freezer

    thanks for sharing
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    Hadley’s 2nd buck

    awesome buck for him. I was in the Missouri deer woods that morning too, I sat till 1030 when I shot a doe. He's a tough young man, because it was cold!
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    Knife Improvement - Looking for input

    After using my Gerber vital this season on two whitetails I was comparing it to my Dad's Havalon piranta. if I could combine those two knives I feel like I'd have the perfect back country knife. I love how much easier and safer it is to change blades on the Gerber vital, but I noticed because...
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    Why is my bolt black and not Cerakote Tactical Gray on my New Howa KUIU?

    I also question their reasoning but it very well might be the case. after buying 2 different Howa Alpine Rifles with the Cerakoted bolt barrel and action (essentially the exact same barrel and action you have on your Kuiu model) I've noticed a couple things worth noting and worth letting legacy...
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    Howa Alpine Mt. rifle for sale

    Both are sold. Thanks for all the looks
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    RECOIL. heavy gun-VS -light gun with muzzle break

    you are in luck sir, I happen to have the perfect rifle for you for sale on this very site! :) but for real, I have a light rifle in .308. its not crazy Kimber mountain ascent light but its light...
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    Howa Alpine Mt. rifle for sale

    letting the Hunttalk crew have one last look before the Howa goes up on Gunbroker. the one piece scope base is included or I can remove
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    When shots are too far for you it doesnt matter what caliber you are toting

    I totally agree. If you are new to hunting or rifles and terminal performance of bullets then by all means, ask the question to a mentor or someone on a site like this. Using marginally sized calibers for hunting is just like taking a marginal shot with an appropriate caliber. We owe it to...
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    When shots are too far for you it doesnt matter what caliber you are toting

    I'm starting this thread in response to a post I read on here today about a specific caliber and a long shot and I didn't want to hijack that thread. I think hunters need to start worrying about what shot they can make, not what shot their xyz caliber can make. If you are one of the few...