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    9-11 bull

    Looks like in the rabbit brush, near water. Congratulations on a beautiful bull.
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome from Nevada
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    Hello from tN

    Welcome from Nevada
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    Hello from Wyoming

    Welcome from Nevada
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    Hello from Florida

    Welcome from Nevada
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    Hello from Nevada

    Welcome from Las Vegas
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    Greets from Wisconsin

    Welcome from Nevada
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    Close But No Dice

    Well done sir, your son will remember the experience and the lesson.
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    New and Not looking for Elk Spots

    Just back from a Utah archery spike hunt. Welcome from Nevada
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    Sunday Pic of the Day

    From a new friend's trail cam in southern Utah. There were two mountain lions. Neither wanted any part of this bull.
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    howdy from nevada

    Welcome from Las Vegas
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    NV 061/071 early Archery Tag just now...

    You don't need your ATV. The roads are mostly washboard two wheel drive. Occasionally, you'll need four wheel, but mostly just two.
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    Flatlander Transplant

    Welcome from Nevada. Keep at it. It'll come together. Good luck.
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    Mid-Range Camo?

    When I got back into hunting, I bought a bunch of cotton camo and after one archery hunt in Nevada, I dumped all of it. One day in the heat and sweat and I was ripe. I love the new (to me) wool and synthetics. I use SKRE because I like the fit, the pattern, they're reasonably priced and mostly...
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    NV 061/071 early Archery Tag just now...

    If there are agricultural fields nearby, intercept them going back to their bedding area but get in place an hour before daylight. I've seen elk travel 6-7 miles each way, that's nothing to them.
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    From The Face Of The Sun... Phoenix AZ

    Welcome from Nevada
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    SPOT device vote of No Confidence

    Thanks for the info. Too late for me to change as I leave tomorrow and I won't be too far out there. I've been on two scouting trips with no problems however, I'll be going with Garmin after my renewal is over with Spot.
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    First two trophies with the new rifle!

    That's what we want. Grip and grin!
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    14’ fishin boat setup

    Nice boat. Nothing else is NEEDED. Wants? Sure but you're ready to go. Launch it and get busy having fun with your kids.
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    Most unorthodox, questionable, or down right weird hunting techniques that you have seen or heard about

    I hunted several years with a guy that lived in his camo while I was always careful to keep my hunting clothes separate. He'd cook, sit around the campfire wearing his archery hunting clothes. He was successful every year. He also used his always lit cigarette as his wind checker. Gives meaning...

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