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    Winchester model 70 stainless boss ?

    My uncle has a hardly used older Model 70 in .270 with a Leupold Vari x II 3.5x10 mounted on it. he wants to sell it. I looked at Gunbroker but cant find the same setup for a comparison. I'd say the Boss on the barrel is probably a deterrent to most but I'm not a Winchester guy so maybe...
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    Alaska black bear tag!

    I'm super excited, after years of watching Randy hunt SE Alaska black bears I put my name in the hat and drew a tag. I cannot wait! I will be hunting Kuiu island. This will be my first Alaska hunt and my first bear hunt. I look forward to sharing my experience with you all come next year.
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    DIY Spring black bear

    I'm in the process of putting in an application for a Southeast Alaska Spring black bear tag as a non resident. the website says I need to buy a hunting license before I put in the application. I can choose 3 different years for the hunting license. 2018-2019- or 2020. would I be right in...
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    When shots are too far for you it doesnt matter what caliber you are toting

    I'm starting this thread in response to a post I read on here today about a specific caliber and a long shot and I didn't want to hijack that thread. I think hunters need to start worrying about what shot they can make, not what shot their xyz caliber can make. If you are one of the few...
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    Howa Alpine Mt. rifle for sale

    I have a new unfired Howa Alpine Mt Rifle for sale. Caliber is .308, The drop box magazine is installed and it comes with the Cerakoted bottom metal floor plate. Currently there is a Sig Sauer Whiskey5 3-15x52 with Illuminated Hellfire Triplex Reticle. 30mm tube. Sig Rings and bases The...
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    OTC Colorado tag?

    this is probably a dumb question but I cant seem to find the answer online. I was reading you can hunt 93 of Colorado's 184 Units with an over the counter archery bull tag. My question is, how do they come up with harvest statistics per unit if you can hunt multiple units per season with an...
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    howa alpine mt rifle for sale

    I've seen a few guys on here saying they were having trouble finding Howa Alpine Mt Rifles for sale. I just found a used one in 7mm-08 on gunbroker with a starting price of $600, buy now price of $650. It comes with talley rings and some reloading stuff.
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    Howa Alpine accuracy update

    I Finally got to re-sight in my Howa Alpine Mt Rifle after having to send it back to Legacy sports for a new stock. Here is the post on that positive experience if you care to read it...
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    Montana District question

    I'm planning my first Elk hunt for 2018 in Montana. was looking at Colorado now am leaning toward Montana so I just started researching this state. While on the "hunt planner" I was looking at info on each district. example, district 317 says its a brow-tined bull or antlerless elk district...
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    Must Have Pack features

    Hi guys. I'm going to be buying my first pack for longer DIY hunts. I'm not really looking for a specific brand but they would be appreciated as well. I know Mystery Ranch is a good one and I've looked at the EXO and Kuiu packs. I'm looking for features that are must haves in your...
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    my buddy drew Ky elk tag

    My Buddy just told me he drew a Kentucky Cow Rifle tag and I think I'm more excited than he is. We have been applying for years and have always said, if one guy draws the other will tag along for the ride. I know its 7 months away but I already can't wait to go. if anyone has any tips, they...
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    My Awesome Howa/Legacy Sports experience

    I couldn't wait to share this with all of you because I was so impressed. Long story short. Last year I bought a Howa Alpine Mountain rifle and shared my first impressions of the rifle on the forum and they were almost all positive. The rifle I bought was apparently one of the first ones to...
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    T/C Venture 30-06 For sale

    I'm selling a used T/C Venture 30-06 with Weathershield. Weathershield is cerakote not stainless for those of you not familiar with the venture. It is a very nice rifle and all the metal on the gun is in great shape. these Ventures have a 60 degree bolt handle which is a nice feature. there...
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    Kansas Walk In deer hunt

    I saw Randy do a Walk in Kansas deer hunt and it looked awesome. My buddy and I want to do that as soon as possible. We've done some Pheasant hunting out there but never deer. After reading the Kansas Dept. of wildlife website, I saw you can apply as a group and it also talks about buying a...
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    Leupold VXR?

    I was wondering if anyone has experience with the VXR line of scopes and how they compare to the VX-6 when it comes to glass quality. I want an illuminated reticle and I really like the simple red dot Leupold has with their firedot compared to some of the other manufacturers. Ideally I'd like...
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    right handed left eye dominant

    its a little soon but my 4 year old is right handed in everything he does, but he is left eye dominant. if I hand him telescope or anything to look thru he naturally puts it to his left eye. he will shoulder a gun right handed but leans across the gun so he can look through the scope with his...
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    Helical fletching with fixed blade broadheads

    I switched from the Rage extreme broadheads to the Solid fixed blade broadhead. They are the 125 gr model and are basically a 2 blade broadhead with small bleeder blades. My Dad just told me that he read you should use helical fletching to help spin the arrows faster with fixed blade...
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    Thumb Bow release

    I've been thinking about switching to a thumb style release. I shot a tru-fire this weekend and liked it a lot. It had the rotating head which seemed nice, but I also see a lot of the top end (more expensive) releases and they don't necessarily all have the rotating head on it. I really...
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    checking a scopes zero after travel

    I'm planning a Alaska black bear trip, there will be multiple flights involved and it got me wondering about checking my zero on my rifle once I arrive, how many of you actually shoot your rifle after getting to your hunting spot on public land hunts after 100's of miles of travel? Outfitters...
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    nosler trophy grade vs e-tip ammo?

    I'm new to Nosler ammo and have a question. I'd like to buy .308 168gr e-tips and the Nosler website has the trophy grade ammo at $41.30 then they have what looks like the e-tip line of ammo (doesn't say custom or trophy grade on it) for $31.95/box. the ballistics listed on Nosler's site are...