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  1. NV_ARCH3R

    Public Land Hogs

    Looking for another hunting opportunity, Are there any public land hog hunts in the west besides California? Not interested enough to make the trip to the South\Southeast.
  2. NV_ARCH3R

    South Sugarloaf Fire

    Didn't search the threads to see if someone already posted this. USFS, and NDOW is recommending hunters stay out of the Jarbidge area due to the South Sugarloaf fire having jumped Highway 225 and being driven east. the below is from Facebook Nevada Department of Wildlife 1 hr · ... Update on...
  3. NV_ARCH3R

    "NO Campfires"

    Early season hunts are opening, and for all planning on being out here in the west. Please no campfires, and be careful with anything with a flame. I know part of the hunt experience is sitting around a fire at the end of the day and telling lies about the days events. But with the high fuel...
  4. NV_ARCH3R

    NE Nevada Hunter Looking for Whitetail

    I'm out of NE Nevada, decided I want to try for a whitetail in the next few years. Considering travel, deer numbers, access, tags (OTC/permit) What would be some of my best options??
  5. NV_ARCH3R

    Barnes all around 06 round

    I used to reload 20 years ago, and my 06 really liked the Barnes bullets. Made the move to archery, but broke out the rifle again lately. I don't reload anymore but am looking for a good "all around" Barnes round. Antelope to Elk\Bear. I 'm not one to shoot past 300 yds.
  6. NV_ARCH3R

    Idaho 2018 Spot and stalk results and question for 2019

    Just got back from Idaho on a spot and stalk bear hunt. Brought home a red bear, not overly big but the only bear we saw. Photo is the bear I got. I did find what I think would be a good bait location. Thought I might try that next spring. Anybody have variations for bait barrels, other than the...
  7. NV_ARCH3R

    2018 Idaho Spring Bear

    A few years ago I got the hankering for a bear. Hunted Montana spring of 2015, stumbled on and brought home a smallish red bear. Spring 2016 hunted Idaho east of Hailey, saw nothing but a young wolf. Spring 2017 hunted the southeast side of area 49. saw one small sow. I read area 39 has lots of...
  8. NV_ARCH3R

    Miniture Reproductions

    At one time I had a web address for an outfit that would make miniature reproductions of your trophies, for desk display, or rear view mirror hangers etc. Basically you took High resolution photos of your mount from all different angles and sent to them, and they would reproduce it to a...
  9. NV_ARCH3R

    Lower leg?????

    I don't understand why I see soo many pictures of people packing out quarters with the lower leg still attached. Seems to me that's a lot of just bone, dead weight to pack for no reason. Font quarters are easy just cut through the knee joint, the hinds, a bit tricky to separate at the butchers...
  10. NV_ARCH3R

    Where I Hunt

    So True
  11. NV_ARCH3R

    Fall Baiting???

    Just finished my 2nd spot and stalk Idaho bear hunt. Only saw one bear (still learning the ropes) though I was assured by other bear hunters and the local rancher there are plenty of bears in the area. Though it's not a high density population. Is fall baiting a worthy option? I have family in...
  12. NV_ARCH3R

    AR15 Rebarrel

    I've got a colt AR15 A2 in 223. Can't decide to buy a new gun in 5.56, or re-barrel the one I have. Anyone have input on barrels? Mostly for plinking\Self defense. doesn't need to be a long range tac driver. Good cost to quality ratio. 16", mid length, Light weight, 1:7, or 14.5 with pinned and...
  13. NV_ARCH3R

    AZ Javelina

    Just found out I drew for AZ Archery Javelina, I think I look forward to this hunt more than any other. It's just a fun hunt during the winter, beats January in NE Nevada. No real pressure to harvest, just a great time with my brother(s), good weather, different scenery, not strenuous even if...
  14. NV_ARCH3R

    Colorado 42, 421 Archery Elk 2017

    Thinking about elk 2017 already. Hunted above Vega reservoir 20 years ago on a rifle hunt. thinking about doing it again in 2017 with an archery either sex tag. Any thoughts? Good as any unit? Don't bother? I'm not a backpack hunter, but I am willing to cover ground from a base camp. I have a...
  15. NV_ARCH3R

    Early Coyote Start

    Went Sage Hen hunting Sunday for a few hours. Went where we ususally see some when deer hunting. Never ran across a single bird. BUT, I did take the coyote calls and made three stands while out there. Stand #1: should have stayed a few more minutes, got up and started on up the ridge and then...
  16. NV_ARCH3R

    NV Archery Elk Fun but no meat

    My Elk season ended Friday. Went in the 9th saw plenty of elk. Had 30 hd of cows, and maybe 14 bulls located in a canyon. Some but not all the Bulls were bugling pretty good, but didn't really seem to be challenging each other just talkin. Did get three to come in between friday and Tuesday...
  17. NV_ARCH3R

    NV Elk Opener, no elk down but alot of fun

    Home from opening weekend, Went back to the basin I scouted a few weeks ago. the bulls I spotted were still there plus a few more. 9 in total. I didn't get in on anything but after dropping off into the basin it's probably a good thing. Just getting myself back outa there was enough. deeper than...
  18. NV_ARCH3R

    Scuffed GPS screen

    Anyone have any good ideas on how to clear up a scuffed GPS screen. Mines gotten to the point I can't read it unless I lick my thumb and wipe it down. that only last a few seconds.
  19. NV_ARCH3R

    Weekend Scouting Results

    the area I drew was not my fist choice, It's a great unit if you're a heathen back pack hunter but at my age I'm not quite up for that. any way I looked over the maps and found this basin that was seemed accessible to me, the south slopes looked to be open for feeding and the north slopes had...
  20. NV_ARCH3R

    ? bullet performance, complete pass throughs?

    I’m more of an archery guy these days, haven’t used a rifle much since the ole Winchester silvertips, and pointed soft point days. I keep reading posts how a lot of guys brag about a complete pass through with their preferred bullet. Seems kinda contradictory to me, as for a bullets performance...