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  1. thusby

    first time michigan bear hunter

    That would be the way to do it I would think. Hounds can be an endeavor and it might take 8-9 days to bay or tree anything over 200 lbs.
  2. thusby

    Is b tag draw this week ?

    Didn't get the mulie doe tag I wanted. Looks like my b tag will be whitetail this year.
  3. thusby

    Should be a good year

    That's fantastic. Deer should be packing on the pounds and growing some big antlers.
  4. thusby

    Walleye mayhem

    Yeah, my big is just shy of 28". I bet I caught 100 walleye this summer in Manitoba but not one 30"+
  5. thusby

    Arizona big game super raffle

    Deadline to put in nearly here. I got 2 sheep chances and 1 antelope chance. Still better odds than powerball and I like the live drawing that Arizona puts on.
  6. thusby

    Montana Deer Alternates List

    I'm still curious why Montana doesn't post draw odds for the nonresident big game combos.
  7. thusby

    Wyoming Leftover Draw Results

    ... wow, unit 69 antelope doe/fawn leftover. 1187 first choice applicants for 49 tags. That is same odds as my new mexico elk draw every year.
  8. thusby

    Wyoming Leftover Draw Results

    Finally picked up a leftover doe/fawn tag on a 50% draw. First antelope tag of the year. That was a close one.
  9. thusby

    Go West Young(ish) Man - Advice Appreciated!

    Don't know why anyone would want to leave Wisconsin for any of those destinations. I guess I just have simple tastes. You could move to NW Wisconsin, Bemidji/Detroit Lakes/St Cloud, Minnesota and be less than a day drive from great hunting in several Canadian provinces, Western States and...
  10. thusby

    What States Have You Hunted

    Wisconsin - Deer, Bear, Ducks Minnesota - Ducks Mississippi - Deer, Dove Louisiana - Alligator, Ducks Montana - Elk, Deer, Pronghorn Wyoming - Pronghorn Colorado - Deer Manitoba - Bear Owned a lot of Arizona and New Mexico hunting licenses due to the draw but still haven't made it down.
  11. thusby

    Unforgettable books..

    Hemingway's Green Hills of Africa Don't know how many times I have talked myself into, and back out of, an African safari as a result of that book.
  12. thusby

    Proper Meat Care for Antelope

    It pays to do your homework before you bring in your animal. I will typically visit the butcher and have a beer with the guy while going over his process. I have been to some places that were terrible and some that were top notch.
  13. thusby

    Proper Meat Care for Antelope

    Most processors can turn your animal around in a day for an extra fee. Normally, if you can wait 2 days they will get your critter back without a fee. If you wait until October before the deer season starts they are usually not so busy.
  14. thusby

    Montana Super tag drawing

    Just a pipe dream. I would miss about 2 months of unpaid time at my job if I drew so maybe its better that I don't.
  15. thusby

    Non hunting bucket list or dreams?

    Guatemala sailfishing.
  16. thusby

    Proper Meat Care for Antelope

    I usually hold off until the middle of October before hunting my lopes. I pick my processors close to my areas, kill them in the morning, gut them and straight to the butcher.
  17. thusby

    What do you do with bear meat?

    This is one of my favorites from bear hunter magazine.
  18. thusby

    first time michigan bear hunter

    I'm just hoping he isn't trying to walk around and find them. That is an impossible task in the thick brush, tag alder and tamarac bog.
  19. thusby

    first time michigan bear hunter

    Are you using hounds or baiting? Are you doing the work yourself?
  20. thusby

    Hunting with Partners - Who Get's the First Shot?

    I'm generally happy to guide for most of my hunting partners. It almost goes without saying that my buddy gets to tag out first. I get a lot of joy out of helping people put one on the ground. After that it is my turn and I usually make them pay the price with some long hikes and early...