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  1. Bambistew

    This is what's wrong with hunting.

    They guy talked about "just surviving the wilderness." Apparently his idea of wilderness and mine are much different. At least he was able to collect his largest NR bow kill. IMO, getting antlers off a wasted animal should either be sawed into multiple pieces, or not given back at all. Why...
  2. Bambistew

    Will a .243 do more meat damage than a .308?

    I think we may have had similar history, but most of my kills with a 308 were bigger than deer. I shot a bunch of animals with .243 V-Max bullets in my teen years, the amount of bloodshot was actually quite small on rib shots. Stay away from shoulders and things don't really matter with any...
  3. Bambistew

    Eastman's: Worst Big Game Reporting State

    You guys are giving the general public too much credit for complying with mandatory reporting, and giving accurate information. Having spent a fair amount of time researching and reviewing "mandatory" reporting information with AK ADF&G biologists... the conclusion is that some of the...
  4. Bambistew

    You can poach a lot of elk and not get prison time

    What happens to the elk and buffalo that walk across there? Shot on sight?
  5. Bambistew

    Elk rifle shot survey

    you should use survey monkey, it would be far easier than compiling data from a thread. You'll likely get a better response rate, and won't have to read a bunch of superfluous information.
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    Forum stats on shooting distances and positions!

    Interesting, but not surprised by the stats. You'd think with the long range craze more animals would be killed at long distances. ;) The last 5 animals, best I can remember: Muledeer - 125 yards Caribou - 110 yards Dall sheep - 220 yards Caribou - 225 yards Dall sheep - 150 yards
  7. Bambistew

    Spring and Summer fun in AK

    Its been a fun spring and summer so far. I haven't shared much, thought I'd toss some pics of of Alaska life... Some work, some family, some fun. I can't believe its July already. Need to get to the range and get the sheep rifle sighted in. ;) At Pyramid lake (NV) trying to hook a Lohantran...
  8. Bambistew

    5-Year Big Game Season Structure alternatives

    Looks like second season may become a ghost town. Start on a Wednesday and end on a Tuesday? Should really spread people out on either side of the weekend. Also the reduction of time will also discourage people I presume. Those later 4th seasons are not going to do the big bucks any favors...
  9. Bambistew


    I think we have the same outlook on this. I chuckle everytime I see someone complain about an animal getting killed on the road (or by predators, or anything other than a hunter), and inevitably a someone always say, "It's a shame they went out like that." As opposed to what? Dead is dead.
  10. Bambistew

    Finally got my piece of the Alaskan dream!

    Congrats on the place! You left just as the fishing is about to heat up. The skeeters and white socks will love your open air crapper. haha. :D
  11. Bambistew

    Necessary Equipment for Backpack Hunting

    A bench mark for a week long hunting trip, including everything you are packing (sans the cloths you are wearing) shouldn't be much over 50 lbs including rifle, binos, food and a couple liters of water. If your pack is more than that, I'd look at what you are packing, or if you can get lighter...
  12. Bambistew

    Arizona Draw Results

    I got a call from AZ fish and game yesterday... got really excited, then realized I didnt apply for any tags and my name isn't Tony.
  13. Bambistew

    Population Growth and Hunting in Rocky Mountain States

    There is one thing to say for a bad economy... We have lost population the last two years, and this year is setting up to be the same thing. Tourism is up however, and people are looking for more and more remote places. Luckily there is still lots of room to roam and not see another person. I...
  14. Bambistew

    Climate Change in Alaska?

    This heat sucks... the worst part is the sun is up for 18hrs and bakes all day. No relief in sight 7+ days over 80, and fire danger is off the charts. I'm getting a bit worried about my sheep hunt. If it stays hot I cant get across the glacial fed streams to my spot. May have to push it back...
  15. Bambistew

    Thankfully our National Park System has a surplus of funds...

    You guys are funny... They could spend it other things... The fact that you think the NPS is fiscally responsible shows your total lack of understanding of how they operate. They blow money on some of the stupidest crap you could imagine, like all Gov't agencies. I've designed 8-9 NPS...
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    How much was your resident elk tag 25 years ago compared to now?
  17. Bambistew

    Vacuum Sealer

    Foodsavers are a money sink, IMO. They are designed to last x number of cycles and they they fail. I would get maybe one season of fishing out of one before they crapped out. The originals made in Germany, where bomb proof and repairable... the new Chinese will do one of 2 things. Stop...
  18. Bambistew

    Two custom made rifles to hunt the world with

    Two rifles to hunt the world is a big task... especially if one rifle is dedicated to DG. I would want the other rifle to be a light-weight mountain rifle... I'd want a pair of matching actions, just for familiarity sake. Its really a tough call, and one that I wouldn't want to make. If I had...
  19. Bambistew

    Botswana Elephant Hunting

    All depends on what you want to do. There are countless options. I know of a number of people that have come home empty handed on elephant and other animal hunts. Basically if you get outside of RSA (South Africa), you can find countless miles of wild, open "public" land and zero high fence...
  20. Bambistew

    Botswana Elephant Hunting

    Its amazing that so many people poo-poo hunting in Africa and consider it a "trophy" hunt, yet will shoot and donate a bunch of meat every year to the needy, or go to Alaska and bring back horns/antlers and leave all the meat because its too expensive to get home. Giving meat to "needy" people...