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  1. Sawtooth

    New Garage

    I totally get the challenges of having several hobbies that are equipment intensive and have a smaller sized garage. I think the mobile work bench is a great idea, and you can never have enough electrical outlets and good lighting. Enjoy your new addition.
  2. Sawtooth

    New Garage

    Nicely done. Looking forward to the rest of the photos. Do you have any special plans for the inside? Workbench, Meat Locker, ect.?
  3. Sawtooth

    Finn from the Cascades, Season 2

    Where will the fall test be located? Are you going to be down this direction again?
  4. Sawtooth

    What States Have You Hunted

    AZ-Upland Birds CA-Deer, Hogs, Bear, Upland Birds/Waterfowl. CO-Deer WY-Deer ID-Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, Bear, Moose, Upland Bird/Waterfowl. England-Roebuck
  5. Sawtooth

    My daughter requested some venison.

    Good eats right there. Looks like the Blazer did it again. Have you taken any roe buck off of your new property yet?
  6. Sawtooth

    Carolina Griswald comes to SD and WY? What else to visit???

    The Buffalo Bill Center on the West in Cody Wyoming is a must see. Gun collections and one of the best collections of old west painting in the country. Five different museums in one place might sound like a nightmare to some but it allows each individual in the group to spend more time in their...
  7. Sawtooth

    Zimbabwe - Cape Buffalo

    Fantastic pictures and African experience. Thanks for sharing with us.
  8. Sawtooth

    Boise Idaho lodging

    Is this a short term or long term situation? Just for the summer, or a permanent residence?
  9. Sawtooth

    17 yr old daughter recoil shy, need advice please.

    Make sure she has a good set of ear muffs to reduce the noise as well. Felt recoil often appears greater then it is if the shooter does not have good ear protection. I often have new shooters wear ear plugs under a pair of quality ear muffs.
  10. Sawtooth

    Give a girl a stick and a ball

    Enjoy the time with your daughter. She will be off to college before you know it. Those years can be quite a hit to the pocketbook, but the memories and time spent are well worth it. Good luck to your daughter and her team in Minnesota.
  11. Sawtooth

    Population Growth and Hunting in Rocky Mountain States

    You mean like this ridiculous request.
  12. Sawtooth

    Minnesota HuntTalkers- Planning a vacation and could use some recommendation

    I want to thank all of you Minnesota HuntTalkers for helping me plan an amazing trip to Minnesota. My wife and I had a wonderful time and saw some beautiful country. We spent the first day exploring around Taylor Falls and then three days on the North Shore. We then drove west to spend a couple...
  13. Sawtooth

    Home in shakopee,Minnesota Land In Duluth Mn

    Welcome to the forum. Just passed through Duluth today on my way up the North Shore highway. First time in your fair state and I am impressed. Beautiful buck by the way.
  14. Sawtooth

    Idaho draw

    We will be on the edge of their range, but is always a concern in that neck of the woods.
  15. Sawtooth

    Idaho draw

    Buddy and I drew an early season bull elk rifle hunt as well, same dates, Oct. 1-10, only on the east side of the state. Bugling bulls in thick forest with my 338-06 in hand. Should be a great fall.
  16. Sawtooth

    Westport halibut

    900'! That is quite the workout. Were your reels manufactured by Warn?
  17. Sawtooth

    Westport halibut

    Looks like an awesome day on the high seas. How deep were you fishing? Those halibut are the perfect size for fillets for the BBQ. Much bigger and the fillets get too thick. Looks like the start to a well stocked freezer.
  18. Sawtooth

    Throwback Hunt

    Army surplus wool pants that weigh in at ten lbs. are always a nice touch. Top it all off with a pair of Redwing boots and a wool beanie that stands 5 inches off your head.
  19. Sawtooth

    Wyoming Unit 102 Antelope Questions

    Good luck to you and your Dad on your hunt. Welcome to the forum.
  20. Sawtooth

    July 2019 ammo restrictions

    So do the same rules apply to bullets and other components for reloading? What a circus. I am guessing that the gangs have already organized a supply chain to the nearest Nevada gun shop for their illegal activities. I can hear the Ag department employees on the state line now. "Welcome to...