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    Spotting Scope Help

    My razor line of binos from them is very clear. I guess if your looking st the 85mm that’s well above 1k but the 65mm is around 1.1k but maybe you want more power than the 65? Besides everyone here will say vortex is shit anyways just get leupold :)
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    Spotting Scope Help

    I would look at their razor line. They are right around that price point
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    New Vortex UHD?

    Not about recommending or not it’s the absolute disgust you have shared for the brand. I would never buy leupold, but I know they have good optics and good quality. So I can’t hate on the brand. Just saying 🤷‍♂️ People have different opinions. Can’t bash a multi million dollar company. They must...
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    New Vortex UHD?

    Took the words out of my mouth... not sure why people hate so hard on brands that they don’t use...
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    Backpack Camp Set Up

    Nemo just had a sale for their hornet 2p 100$ off the new model. I couldn’t pass up a sub 2lb tent for that price. I have the hyke n byke but in 15 degree. Real nice packabilty. I haven’t tested it in sub freezing by I sleep warm anyways so I don’t think it should be a problem. Outdoorsmans...
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    How is the recoil pad on the factory Tikka T3x lite stainless?

    I shoot mine in .300 win mag and find the recoil acceptable. However I know that my wife doesn’t like it much. I may get a limb saver if anything for recoil but also into increase the LoP to fit me better. On a smaller cartridge I wouldn’t think it should be a problem
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    New Vortex UHD?

    This has got to be some of the worst advice I’ve heard.... satire maybe? I haven’t looked through these new ones... probably worth it but who knows depends if you have the billfold for it and are willing to save
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    new rifle suggestions

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    Schnee's boots

    Just like randy wouldn’t say anything contrary to leupold mystery ranch or howa or kenetrek... take it all with a grain of salt...
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    Iso new pack

    I would take a look at outdoorsmans packs. I have the optics hunter which is discontinued but they replaced it with the palisade. And you can use a discount code to get some savings. It is a one size fits all. You can make adjustments to straps on the frame and such. I’m 6’ 200 lbs. guys like...
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    Backyard Giant

    Funny I just took a back pack trip with the family and saw some really nice deer, deep forks on both sides. And that’s it, forks on both sides.... haha San Diego, gotta love it. That’s a sweet deer right there. Big body. Good luck
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    Rifle brand. Howa, Tikka, Bergara...

    Not sure I will get another bolt action other than tikka. Unless I get something I don’t plan on hunting with... which is doubtful. Everything is what you could want from a tikka, light accurate smooth operation, light crisp trigger. And you really don’t need to do anything else to it. I stress...
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    Danner Pronghorn thoughts

    Mine have been fine so far. I am in drier climate however I’ve worn them through a shallow stream with no leaks, and playing around in the snow with the kids and no leaks... I got mine a year ago so maybe they got better? One problem I’ve noticed is that they can be slippery on wet rocks... I...
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    Scope advice for my new rifle. The NEW Savage Model 110 Long Range Hunter with Accufit stock in .300 WSM

    Diamondback vortex 4-12 x is what I use. About a pound. I would definitely not go into the 50 mm objective range. Scopes tend to get heavy in that size and you still need the base and rings... try to keep it light since the rifle is a bit heavier. Diamondback is pretty bright and clear. But it...
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    2 man tent

    July 4th sale has Nemo tents all 25%
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    Can’t Hunt During the Fall Months — What Can I Do?

    That’s a great idea, recruitment. Big part of the R3
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    First aid kit

    I great fire starter is take a small container, I use a dip can. And coat cotton balls with Vaseline shove them in there. Works for fire starter and if you need Vaseline for chapped ass or dry lips... that stuff burns great. And has a multiple use which saves weight.
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    2 man tent

    I’ll be doing a cow elk hunt in Colorado 2nd rifle as well. Unit 15, backpacking in, leaning towards the Nemo hornet but I can’t make up my mind 🤷‍♂️ Hard to invest money when reviews can be so mixed. But it is definitely light weight and a roomy 2p just extra space for gear is nice and only 2lb...
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    What would you do???

    All the guys responding that he had no right pulling the camera... that’s bullshit. This person gives hunters and our community a bad look. He’s at best baiting or at worst poaching... the one thing we should rally around is damning people breaking laws which govern our ability to do the things...
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    Sell me a new Leupold optic

    Vortex warranty would cover that.... just saying 😏