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    Goat 323

    I hunted it in 2010, if you can't find anyone with more current info, I'd be glad to talk to you, just shoot me a PM, I'd have to look back over the maps to refresh my memory though:)
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    CO draw results

    Sounds like I may be in the minority here, but I decided another point for MG was not worth $100 and just put in for the draw with max points this year. Given the way Colorado does their draw, I'm figuring it would have only made a very small difference in my chances.
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    Wyoming bighorn area 1

    Where is the harvest data that includes drainages located on Wy game and fish?
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    DIY options for Wy Bighorn Sheep

    Throw in the names of some roads or trials to look for sheep and I'll try to talk the family into doing a summer vacation in the area and check them out.
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    DIY options for Wy Bighorn Sheep

    Looking at the odds and I'm getting close as a nonresident with 18pts. I've got a hunting buddy that lives in Laramie and would get me into the wilderness, no horses, but may can come up with some if necessary. I got my Co ram several years ago with a guide and would really like to take my...
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    Colorado Elk Hunt, Unit 521, 42, 52, 421, 41 & 411 New Elk Hunter

    Hunted second rifle for deer in 521 last year, saw couple groups of elk, hiked up Dark Canyon, one group was up Devil's Stairwell, go to it tops out, then hunt right off the trail, some good meadows with creek's below and timber to bed in. Lot's of hunting pressure though, horses and outfitters...
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    Wy unit 47 tag info for son's first western hunt.

    Thanks for the PMs wytex and jtm307, gonna miss the bugling this year, but really looking forward to starting son with a hunt that should put meat on the ground and a fire in his heart and give me a hunting partner for life.
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    Wy unit 47 tag info for son's first western hunt.

    Got to make this a quick hunt, son will only be out of school four and a half days, I'll probably drive out and hunt/scout a couple days and have him fly into Laramie, have a good friend from there that hunted it years ago, but would appreciate any information on areas to check out to make this...
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    DIY Colorado Archery Elk Hunt

    I did an OTC above Cedaredge several years ago, we got into some elk and country was not too bad by Colorado standards, so I'd give the Grand Mesa a look, good luck.
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    Wy sheep DIY unit?

    Where's your since of adventure Brad, we'll get one of those electric fences so you will sleep soundly and I'll bring a slow runner for hiking around during the day, we'll be good:)
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    Wy sheep DIY unit?

    Talked to an outfitter about a drop camp and he said it is a forest service rule that prevents them from doing drop camps in the units I was interested in hunting. Says a resident with horses could take us in there as long as he was just doing it for free.
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    Wy sheep DIY unit?

    Laramie Peak is unit 19 and took 21pts to draw, so no option there, unit 7 was on my radar if I could talk to someone with experience in the unit, hiring a packer and spiking out is a great idea I hadn't thought of, now just to find someone who would drop us in a good area even though we aren't...
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    Wy sheep DIY unit?

    I'm going into this years draw with 17pp as a nonresident, so at 53yo I'm thinking I'll draw before I'm too old to do the hunt. Research says unit 5 is the only unit possible for a DIY hunter, but I do have a good friend from Laramie that would go with me and get us into the wilderness without...
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    Old Scope: Stuck Elevation and Windage dials

    Try PB Blaster every day for several days and see if that will break it free, sounds like you have nothing to loose.
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    Leupold CDS Dial Delivery

    I've been using a 200yd zero for my Vx 3, but think I'll change to 100 when setting my new Vx 5 after reading an article in Western Hunter that highly recommended the 100yd zero secondary to less affect in variables at that distance and checking your zero and using calculated data should be more...
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    Leupold CDS Dial Delivery

    I think I'll just use my MOA dial instead of yardage since I'll be sighting in at 400ft elevation and 80 degree temps, then hunting at several thousand feet and much lower temps. Figure I'll run the ballistics and tape to my stock with windage on card too. How are all of you planning to...
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    Grand Mesa, 2nd rifle

    Partner and I are going to give the Mesa a go this fall, haven't been there in almost 20 years and was archery elk hunting above Cedaredge then. Looking at 521, maybe even hiking around in the wilderness, but would appreciate any advise from someone that's been in the area that time of year...
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    Dry Ice near Gunnison, CO.

    Will not be a problem finding in Gunnison.
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    NM Unit 13 early archery tag

    Looks like my partners and I will be on our first NM elk hunt, anybody hunted area or have any advise for that time of year and terrain, I'm all ears. Good luck to all.
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    Spotting scope

    I have the Razor 15-45 x 65 and really like quality to the optics for the money, found new for $900 couple years ago. Friend has a Leica 20-60 x 80 I believe and it is hands down a better scope, but since I don't live out west and only use occasionally, I couldn't justify the cost.