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    New Ruger Ar556 MPR

    I’ve just got a new Ruger AR556 MPR and I’m wondering what do you guys do to the outside of the firearm. Like the front Handguard, trigger area, pistol grip, etc., etc., where your hands are going to touch and leave an impression on a new weapon. Thank you for your time and God Bless.
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    For Sale

    SOLD Anyone in the south east Michigan area interested in any 5.56 rounds. Got 500 of Frontier fmj and 600 rounds of Herters fmj. ( 55grain ) $750 for all, that’s .65 cents a round. Thanks in advance.
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    Rule of thumb for 20ga 2 3/4” shot size

    I just bought myself a 20ga Remington 870 with a bird barrel and a rifled barrel. What’s the easiest way to get used to what shot sizes to use for hunting things from birds to Turkeys and everything in between? I do know to use sabot slugs in the rifled barrel. Thanks for your feedback and God...
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    Bear hunting in Michigan

    Looking for some information on decent places for Bear Hunting in Michigan and finding a dependable guide. From my findings, it looks like that I’ll be able to hunt just about anywhere in northern Michigan and the UPPER Peninsula for Bear. So anyone who can guide me in the right direction I’d...
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    USCCA Info

    I’m looking into joining USCCA and I am wondering is it just for ccw carriers? And what are the pro’s and con’s of this organization? Thanks in advance and God Bless and also continue to be safe out there.
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    Ruger AR 15 MPR switching uppers

    I live in Michigan’s south east lower Peninsula and I’m wondering which upper can I change out my 5.56x45mm to be able to hunt with it in my area of Michigan’s Lower. And still keeping myself legal, can I use the .458 SOCOM or the .300 Winchester upper on mine? Thanks in advance
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    OnX verse Garmin

    I’ve used the OnX trial and for not knowing anything about using the system I have been impressed. But I’m wondering if getting a Garmin unit would be better. First off I’m not tech savvy, and I do understand that the more you spend the more you can get. I’m looking to be using something for...
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    Bipod size

    I have a AR 556 MPR rifle and I’m wondering what size bipod do you guys recommend for me to get. I plan on hunting deer, coyotes, target shooting extra., with it. I’ve been looking at Caldwell’s carbon fiber ones and also Harris bipods. But what throws me is they are ranging from 6” to 10”, 9”...
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    Hunting with a AR 556 MPR

    I’m still getting used to using Hunt Talk. I’ve always wanted a AR type rifle and I was finally able to get one. I’m going to be putting flip up open sites on it till I can afford and find the scope I want for it. What kind of hunting can I use this type of weapon for? I enjoy shooting targets...
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    Optics recommendations

    I bought a AR 556 MPR model 8514, I’m wondering what type optics would be recommended for range shooting, coyotes hunting, woodchucks, etc., etc.. I’ve checked out Cabela’s AR riflescope, open sights front and rear, and red dot sights. I’m just wondering what the general opinion is and I’m...
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    Hunting Unit 42 Colorado

    I’m am wondering if anyone out there has hunted unit 42 in Colorado? I’ve received some reliable information from a gentleman that I just met ( working part time with) that he has hunted this unit and has been guiding in it for almost the past 35yr.s. My family knows of him, but I wanted to find...
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    Which caliber to get

    I have a question about the calibers.45-70 and.308, I’m planning on buying a bolt action rifle for hunting anything from Pronghorn to Elk and everything in between. Two things I’m unsure of right now is, which manufacture I’ll buy my rifle from. ( I have been doing my research though) and which...
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    Backpack hunting newbie

    I’m new to backpack hunting, but I’m going to start doing it. My dream hunt goal is Elk, but from all I’ve read is that I should start with pronghorn , muleys, etc.,before going after something the size of Elk. Does anyone have any direction, suggestions, for me on the direction that I plan on...