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    What questions should I ask the biologist

    A good question to ask would also be if there have been any conservation or forestry projects in the unit you are hunting?
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    2021 California Draw results up

    N's for me on the fundraiser as well. Still waiting on Utah's antlerless hunt results. Does anyone on here know of anybody winning an elk fundraiser application?
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    2021 California Draw results up

    I got my 3rd choice for an X10 deer tag. I hope there is still some green grass to be found up there. Has anyone been in the X10, X9 area?
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    Bonus content ideas

    As bonus material, like shop stories, can you (Randy) do an Uncle Larry story or any other Family member story? I really enjoyed watching the hunt with Uncle Larry and think his stories would be entertaining tied in with a lessons learned. Anyone have thoughts for bonus material? I also...
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    Drought for the west

    This is the no bueno! Thank you for the info.
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    Things your kids do……

    This is a great speech, I'm sure you and her mother are proud of her! My 13 year old daughter out here in Bakersfield will be reading your daughters speech, thank you for sharing this!
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    Hard Questions for Mr. Newberg About Fouled Moose Kill, Season 8, Episode 1

    I agree being in the public eye comes with some hard situations and difficult questions to answer to. I do not agree that it is cowardice to remove someone who only has the intent to stir the pot and place others under a microscope. There have been plenty of people who do not agree with...
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    Drought for the west

    I did the same for both elk and pronghorn
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    How do you celebrate a successful hunt?

    Nice Independence Day reference!
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    Story Time: First Buck!

    I know this is an old post, but I really enjoyed reading it. I applied for Javelina, but did not draw and did not jump on any OTC tags. I am new to hunting so reading these stories really helps with the little tips I pick from them. Hope you stuck with the bow and drew an elk tag, I will be...
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    Drought for the west

    Thank you for your input, I'm hopeful that the rains will come. I'm new to all this and wonder if anyone has experienced a drought year like this before and if it impacts harvest success.
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    Drought for the west

    I know this was talked about back in March from the threads I saw. Does anyone have any boots on the ground knowledge regarding how bad this years drought affected habitat in Colorado for the western half of the state? April was pretty dry according to this online tool...
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    AZ Archery Deer and Javelina

    Sounds like it was a great adventure, congratulations on the Javelina!
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    Anyone here eat jack rabbit?

    I have been itching to try this ever since I saw that Meateater episode, he made it look so tasty!
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    Tree Rats

    I've gone squirrel hunting, but mostly as pest control since out in the Mojave desert we mostly have ground squirrels. I have never tried to eat them since everyone has told me not to, due to their omnivorous and scavenger diet out in the desert. Has anyone here tried eating ground squirrel?
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    Military and First Responders

    Yep, Badlands has a killer promo code on Expertvoice!
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    Preventing Knife Cuts in the Field

    Real good advice that I will be following!
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    Will Meat Dry Age in a cooler of dry ice?

    I am in the same boat as far as storage for dry aging. I was thinking about buying an old fridge, making a hole in the wall that divides the fridge from the freezer, and adding racks to the back wall. Also thought of making an insulated closet in the garage with meat hooks and a dry ice set up...
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    Solo hunting advice

    They just upped the prices for Idaho on non res licenses and tags. How crowded does the OTC units get? This will be my first year hunting anything bigger than a jackrabbit and that was with an air rifle.
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    Solo hunting advice

    That sounded like a super strange thing to do when I first read this, but as I think on may be an EVIL GENIUS!!! Totally going to try this for my CO, OTC archery hunt! Thank you for this bit of wisdom.