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    An Oldie but a Goodie

    Similar to what happened here. If you look closely at the pictures you can see the crack after the 4th and 5th points. It broke completely off there when I tried to pull it up. I just placed it in the right spot for the pictures. The other side looks worse in that spot, gonna require some...
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    An Oldie but a Goodie

    Its not a Roosevelt, found in Montana. It does sort of take that shape. I was 20 yards from one 2 years ago near this area that had this same shape and size (definitely not the same bull) during archery but as it goes archery things happened and no shot was taken. Genetics are still in the...
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    An Oldie but a Goodie

    A couple more pictures after I got home. Just wish this antler could tell me its stories...
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    An Oldie but a Goodie

    Went to set up my cameras this past weekend and stumbled across this old shed. I wish I had a picture of the before to show you what was actually visible but I didn't really think it was an antler and was just another "antlery" looking stick. The only thing sticking out of the ground was the...
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    Data Leak

    Yes, I had the same thing happen yesterday for my FitBit. Data leak, your password has been found in a database of leaked passwords, change it. It seems to me that every password will basically be in there as a leak at some point.
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    Moose, sheep and goat MT results up

    I am number 1,794 and it is the closest I have ever come to getting the tag.
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    Montana Moose Sheep Goat RESULTS

    Looks like another year of a big fat zilch for me, 0 for 4. Frustrating
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    Montana FWP: Par For The Course

    This is all true, except your last statement. I've seen enough of it and listened to enough people spout off about things they aren't even close to being educated about to know this will never happen. Ignorance is bliss for too many.
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    Montana Drawing Statistics Data Question

    Wow this thread really took off in the time I was away. I have done this. I'm a bit of a nerd with numbers. I do it most years with some of the tags that I specifically apply for. there are assumptions you have to make though. For example this year I know that with my points and how the...
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    Montana Drawing Statistics Data Question

    Of course, everybody has a chance in the Montana system. The points give you a better chance to draw and squaring them does make a difference as compared to just a linear point system. However it doesn't make you have a "good" chance in the hard to draw districts. If you have max points your...
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    Montana Drawing Statistics Data Question

    I have always been under the impression that those were the counts of people we did not choose to buy a bonus point. The bonus points column when it says 0 is those that bought a bonus point but don't have any yet because they haven't applied in previous years. I could be wrong, just what I...
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    Montana D & E this week??

    Successful winner of another point in both elk and deer!
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    Into the Beartooth - Goat hunt in HD 316

    Oh man, guess I better check back in 18 months. Will set my alarm for 1 AM on 10/9/2022 for part 2.
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    Population Growth and Hunting in Rocky Mountain States

    I have seen a huge increase of people either coming back to Montana lately or coming here to get away from the cities and that atmosphere. I think this trend of moving to the rural Rocky Mountain States is going to boom with more and more people able to work from home now. People are moving...
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    Be careful where you plant your butt to glass!

    We had an outhouse at our hunting camp. It was your traditional wooden outhouse that stayed up all year. After a few years some of the wood needed replaced and when we tore it down to build the new one there were tons of spiders, black widows included, in the compartment under the seat. My...
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    Where to donate money for sportsman issues

    I tend to focus my donations to local groups as I have a better idea of what it is going towards. I am a member of RMEF though.
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    North facing Slope vs South Facing Slopes

    The area I hunt south facing doesn't necessarily mean it is open. The North vs South slope argument is an over generalization. It is better to know your hunting area. Know the hunting pressure and where the elk like to be to bed and where they want to feed, their habits of THAT area. Knowing...
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    Alaska Moose Pack Raft Hunt - 2020 (Long with neat photos and stuff)

    Having floated in these Alpacka Rafts before this is what I wanted to see... a Moose stuffed in one with you and all your gear.
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    Hearing Loss

    Hearing aids just cover up the ringing with actual noise. It is still there and you will hear it when its quiet. At least that is my experience.
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    Hearing Loss

    I had hearing aids starting when I was 3 years old. In the last 7 years I have lost the hearing completely in both ears, right ear about 7 years ago and left ear about a year ago. I had a cochlear implant put in the right one about 7 years ago and for the first time I could actually hear geese...

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