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    Drakes first turkey (part 2)

    Thank you, I thought it might be a bit harsh. I have been using pan pastels instead of just lacquer based airbrushing. It seems to not look as "painted" with pan pastels. However I think I should airbrush a coat of clearcoat over this to tone down the "powder" look.
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    Teaching Water Blind Retrieves

    I need to get another lab started but I cant seem to get motivated after my QAA male died last year. My 8 year old son would like duck hunting. Obedience Force fetch Walking fetch Force to pile Wagon wheel Casting drills Mini T T drill Walking baseball Bird boy blinds Show me blinds Short cold...
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    Hard Questions for Mr. Newberg About Fouled Moose Kill, Season 8, Episode 1

    His hat says it all, it would be impossible to have a reasonable conversation with a Bernie supporter.
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    I want to kill a Mt. Lion

    Ok thank you. As I said I am not aware of every law for every state concerning bartering. However if someone does take me up on this I will find out what state they are from and do the research to find out the laws for that specific state. Thanks again.
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    Drakes first turkey (part 2)

    That just gives you an excuse to go hunting and kill another one!
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    I want to kill a Mt. Lion

    Thanks all, and thanks mmazour for bringing things to my attention I haven't thought of. If I planned it right I could probably do the "on-call" route.
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    I want to kill a Mt. Lion

    Thanks for the replies. I definitely need to do some more research.
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    Some very hot rocks.

    I have never heard of this, pretty amazing.
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    Drakes first turkey (part 2)

    I made a post a couple of months ago in the feathers and wings section titled Drakes first turkey. It told a little bit about Drake my 8 year old and his 1st turkey with a few field pics. Well here is the rest of the story. I have a taxidermy business and I wanted ro do something special for his...
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    Hard Questions for Mr. Newberg About Fouled Moose Kill, Season 8, Episode 1

    I dont think that 470 yards is unethical if you are practiced and effective at that distance. Was Randys shot unethical? I dont really know. Right now I am comfortable out to 500 and I would take a shot at that distance given I had a good rest and could steady. Having said that I also believe if...
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    Elk Pastrami

    Looks great! I made a couple of pastrami a few months ago out of deer. I ended up getting a meat slicer and made some delicious rueben sandwich.
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    I want to kill a Mt. Lion

    I posted this on another forum but thought I would post here. I want to go on a Mt. Lion hunt with someone who has hounds. An outfitted hunt is out of my price range. However I am not looking for a handout. I realize there may be laws concerning recieving money to take someone hunting Im just...
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    First Black Bear

    That's a cool adventure. Congrats
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    We'll miss you Hankerdoo!

    I know the feeling all to well. Especially when you mentioned the last trip to the vet. Sorry for your loss.
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    Pheasant Gun: 20 gauge or 12?

    This is just one reason why I shoot a 20 and not a 12. I handload TSS. I have gotten as many as 277 #9 TSS pellets in a 10" circle @40 yards. A friend of mine consistently gets 300. TSS (tungsten super shot) is 54% more dense then lead. A #9 tss is equally as dense as a #5 lead. I dropped a tom...
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    Kansas Deer

    Recieved a successful draw email this evening. Not to big of a suprise since it was like 90% draw success I think.
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    monster bull tahr

    Thats nice. I would love to hunt Tahr someday.
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    Kansas Deer

    I called yesterday or the day before, I cant remember. I was told results would be out in June. When I asked what part of June, I was told just sometime in June. My account just says entered.
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    2021 Nevada Draw

    Another donation as usual. Or investment into more points, however you want to look at it.

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